Friday, March 11, 2011

Massive Earthquake

As I'm sure you are already aware, there has been a massive earthquake in north eastern Japan 50 miles or more off the coast of Miyagi prefecture, 300 miles or so northeast of Ebina where I live. It was recorded at magnitude 8.9, with an aftershock of 7.5.

Myself, my friends and coworkers are all fine.

The strongest we had out here in Ebina was a weak 5. They're saying this is the biggest earthquakes to hit Japan in 140 years. I've heard some 4 million buildings in Tokyo are w/out power. There have been several aftershocks of magnitude 5+ too. Here's some images I took from the Japanese Meteorological Association, that I've annotated to show where I live.

Japan. The epicenter was 50 miles off the coast of Miyagi prefecture, near Sendai.

The Kanto area.

Kanagawa. We got around a magnitude 5.

Yes, it was very scary.

There have been constant aftershocks every 5-10 min since. I am very lucky to have been 300 miles from the epicenter, around the bend in Chiba/Tokyo, safe from Tsunami.

The pictures and videos I've seen from the ensuing tsunami are breathtaking. Please keep the people in north eastern Japan in your prayers.



Blogger ジャスミン said...

How's thing in Ebina? I couldn't get in touch with my friend in Ebina. I'm so worried.

3/11/2011 8:29 PM  
Blogger Kurisu said...

It shook pretty good out here, but Ebina is just fine. Nothing fell at home either, so I would say things should be pretty safe. Most all the trains have stopped, and the airwaves are packed with people making phones calls and such, so people are having trouble making contact. Alot of the shops closed early, but everyone seems to be safe and sound.

3/11/2011 9:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3/15/2011 7:54 AM  

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