Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Za Ramen

There's a ramen place next to the train station which I pass every time I come home from Atsugi station. I always see this older dude who runs the place chilling inside at or behind the counter with the TV on, often with few or no people there. One of these days I swore I'd get over there and help his business out, and last night I finally got the chance!

One of my coworkers asked if I wanted to grab a bite after work (I was there pretty late) so I suggested we get some ramen. Turns out this place, called Za Ramen, is actually a ramen chain restaurant from Hokkaido I believe. I've been to Hokkaido and loved it (it's basically the Minnesota of Japan), so that works for me. Check out how cool this guy is!

I had some Corn Cream Ramen, but as usual forgot to take a picture before hand. Oh well, next time.

Here's me after thoroughly enjoying my corn cream ramen.

And the rest of the little restaurant, with some Taiwanese guy sitting at the counter.

And a dark shot of the outside.

I'll have to come back with my nicer camera later. This was all taken from my phone.


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