Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Slight Flurries

It snowed a bit on my bike ride home.

Good thing I've undergone thorough training in the frigid winters of Minnesota. For those unawares, I biked to the U of M all year round. I only lived 10 min away by bike, preferred to bike, and didn't want to purchase a bus pass since I had a car too. So I continued biking through the fall, into winter to see how long I could last. Before I know it, it's February, I'm wearing a double socks, long underwear, several layers of clothing, a face mask and ski goggles in -30F weather. Good times...

Actually, believe it or not the freezing cold bike ride home I just made through the snow was... fun? Does this mean I've spent too much time in Minnesota? Oh well, it's supposedly going to be snowing through the night. Looking forward to the new paint job we're getting outside! :D


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