Saturday, November 20, 2010

Zoom zoom zoom!

Japan, your internet, is unbelievable.

At 113Mb/s (or 14MB/s), I could download most mp3 songs in less than a second. I could download most video clips in less than 10 seconds. I could download an entire CD (700MB) in 50 seconds. I could download a DVD in a little more than 5 min, a Blu-ray (25GB) in 30 min, and a dual layer Blu-ray (50GB) in an hour. Japan, your internet is so amazing. I am now basically limited by the speed servers can upload data to me, hah!

Now I just need to put together a file server to store all this stuff I'm gonna be downloading. What a drag!

PS: I could also download all 465GB of my current HD in 9 hours 21 min. :D

Edit 1:
Oh hey look at that, I just got it a bit faster. Gettin close to 120Mbps!

Edit 2:
This just in! I tested my internet one last time before going to bed... 120Mbps broken!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

True computer nerd!

11/23/2010 12:18 AM  

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