Saturday, October 09, 2010

Japan to USA in 24 hours

There were around 200 or so people at my grandpa's funeral. It was really a testament to how many lives he touched. There were so many things he did that I wasn't aware of either, like visiting shut-ins and such. What an awesome guy he was.

Well this trip to Minneapolis has really been an interesting one. Every other time I've returned to the US it's been planned out in advance, which means I usually have some time leading up to the trip for my mind to switch gears and prepare to jump back into American society. This time however, I booked my tickets on 3 days notice and suddenly I'm here in the US, which is a 180 degree difference from the life I had in Japan. Yet at the same time, despite my life in Japan and the US being so completely, utterly, and drastically different... they both feel normal. It was really a bizarre experience. I'm seeing things I haven't seen in 6 months (restaurants, shops, etc), yet their existence feels commonplace to me, as it should. But the commonplace things in Japan are anything but common in the US, and vice versa. Yet, these are all common to me now.

While in the US I made sure I hit up the usual places - Famous Dave's, Perkins, Baker's Square, Chinese, Pizza, etc - and got my fix on American food. Wow did all of that ever taste AMAZING. I was also fortunate enough to get the RIBZILLA they're promoting at Famous Dave's right now. I took plenty of pictures (and I think my dad even took a video), more of that later.

I also got to go to a Twins game!! I had pretty much conceded that I wouldn't be able to see a game this season, but as I just so happened to be in town, I searched and was lucky enough to find a set of tickets off of craigslist for ALDS game 2. Actually, the seller I found was an Army guy who was very genuine and sincere about the tickets (I was very wary of fraud of course), and he was only looking for a fair price to make up losses on other tickets his brother had found. The seats we found were home run porch terrace (that middle deck out in left center above the bullpen and below the screen), row ONE seats 1 through 4. Oh yea, those front row seats were quite amazing. I took plenty of pictures I'll post at a later date. By the way the game was bittersweet since it didn't quite turn out how I'd like but... at least I was able to go!

Other than that it was nice to see family and friends. I did stop in at work at it looks like people still remember me there (thanks guys!), and met up with some friends to watch the Twins game, and even later had some Boot Hockey!! Again it was strange how easily it was to switch to my American life in less than 24 hours. We'll see how things pan out this coming December when I visit for Christmas and New Years.

More to come!


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