Wednesday, September 01, 2010

One Year Already?

So today, August 31st, marks exactly 1 year since I've started working at Proto Labs... wow.

Well that went by fast. It feels like just the other day I was back in Minneapolis finishing up college looking for a job. I tried exploring a few different routes to get to Japan, including JET and AEON (English teaching jobs), but nothing quite seemed to turn out. Friends of mine in those institutions told me I would be a sure in, but it just didn't work out. I did plenty of prep specifically for each interview too (including reading plenty of forums from past interviewees), but no go. I remember having this weird feeling in the back of my head that something was preventing me from getting back to Japan.

Well obviously whatever that was, it was making me wait for this job. I had actually done some teaching part time jobs in college including TA work for an English as a Second Language class, as well as English and Japanese conversation groups I lead. So it seemed like I was moving toward the direction of teaching English in Japan. But instead I had to go find a job in the field of my major. The nerve, I know. What was I thinking?

I was thinking it would be awesome to work an IT job in Japan, that's what. And it pretty much is. Well, here's to another year. the way, the fall line of beers are coming out now (even though its still 90 degrees out). The cans are auburn, so I was kind of imagining a red beer (which is my favorite) but... apparently not. I think they were going for a more 'roasted' flavor since the flavor is a bit stronger. Still, I'd really love to see an amber lager on the shelves. I haven't even found one on the expensive international shelves yet. Definitely having a Killian's as soon as I get back to the US over Christmas. The cans look cool though -


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