Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Been busy

The last couple weeks have been rather busy since we had a couple visitors from the US at work. On the bright side, I drove some more and got to go out for lunch and dinner alot, which was a lot of fun. Thank you Larry!! You're a good cook!! :D

I had my faith renewed in Dell this past week as well. A laptop from the US died Tuesday morning, so I looked up Dell support online to see what I could do. After lots of testing, we determined the motherboard was dead, so I filed a support case to have someone come and fix it. I figured, maybe we'd have to ship the laptop to the US, or if we're lucky we could have someone here fix it in a few days or something... nope. Dell called that afternoon, and an engineer called that evening to setup an appointment for the next day. Sure enough, the following morning a package arrived with the new motherboard, and someone stopped by to fix it that afternoon. He literally took the laptop apart to PIECES; it was pretty amazing. And then when he was all done, he took the time to neatly and preciously clean the thing too, as only Japanese service could do. Well met Dell, well met. ::golf clap::

Actually on that note, the visitor we had last week told me that the maid at her hotel neatly folded all her clothes that she had laid out to keep from getting wrinkled. Man, next time I go to a hotel I'll have to bring a bag of clean laundry and dump it on the bed or something, haha.

Anyways, this past weekend was Ayu Matsuri here in my city, Atsugi. It was pretty awesome to have a festival in your own town, mostly for the fact that you can just, you know, walk home. I didn't have to battle the crowds like when I went to Sumidagawa in Tokyo 3 years ago. Plus I didn't run into old dude who kept going on and on about how he hates the atom bomb... (by the way today is the 45th anniversary of Hiroshima) although I did run into some... South American guy who purposely bumped into my back, asked if I was American (he was drunk), and then started cursing at me in Japanese when I said no and tried to get away from him. Hmm.

Well I took plenty of pictures of the festival that I'll post later (its Obon season in Japan, so we've got 3 days off coming up this week, yay!). I also finally got some pictures off Kana's camera from Odawara too, so I'll be putting those up as well. Until then!

P.S. I need to find a dentist, I've got a super sensitive tooth. So I'm sure I'll have plenty of adventure to write about finding and going to a dentist in Japan. T_T


Blogger Brian said...

You keep bringing back the memories. My in-laws were coming via the airport shuttle to Atsugi, and I picked them up by car literally *as that festival just finished* in Atsugi. It was a crazy scene (tons of people) as they were disembarking the shuttle and looking for my car, and I'm sure quite the cultural introduction for my parents-in-law!

Good luck with the dentist, and love the hit counter!

8/10/2010 1:03 PM  
Blogger Kurisu said...

Haha, just wait till I get the pictures up :)

But yea when Kim was in town I got a crash course on SEO stuff, and was like, 'wait a minute... I bet I can add google analytics and webstat tracking code to the template for my blog.' Sure enough, its working like a charm (and it tracks all the sub pages!). Apparently people from New York, Texas, and even Germany have read my blog. I wonder if that German guy is the same IP that has asked for the password on my dynamic dns account before...

Too bad I didn't set this up years ago :-/

8/10/2010 5:24 PM  
Anonymous Erik said...

I bet if you updated more frequently the hits would come even faster!

Also, good luck w/ the dentist.

8/11/2010 2:05 PM  

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