Thursday, June 24, 2010

Catching Up

This blog needs some more blog, and less non-blog.

Two weekends ago we went to Shonan Beach down at Chigasaki for a picnic and barbecue. It had been like, almost a month since we'd done a barbeue so we had to do one again. To keep the pace up, we'll be doing another on July 4th (total coincidence). I definitely need to be as AMERICAN as possible for that. Maybe I can find an American flag belt buckle somewhere...

Anyways, Shonan beach was pretty fun. We were worried about the weather as to whether it would rain or not. It seemed like every day we checked during the previous week Saturday and Sunday would swap weather forecasts. The barbecue was planned for Sunday and as Saturday turned out to have gorgeous weather we were worried Sunday would be rainy but some how or another the weather turned out nice and sunny, although a little windy.

The barbecue on the beach was... well pretty much exactly that. We set up shop on the beach, planted a little mini grill, and FEASTED. Once again Ishikawa-san was master chef (and master eater), and it was a lot of fun.

One interesting thing about this place was that the peninsula (man made i think) we were on had this breakwater on the tip, and you can go fishing and such off of it. But the most interesting part is that you can... fish crabs right on the breakwater structure. They're just crawling around (or hiding from us scary people), but if you're quick with a net, free crabs for you! Unfortunately I guess they don't taste good? But oh well, it was fun to catch crabs. What really blew me away was watching some old dude with some simple fishing line pull an octopus out of the water!! Wow.

The only problem with this fun we were having at the beach... all day long... in the hot sun... was that I was a major idiot and didn't put sun screen on... Its been almost two weeks since and I'm a freakin snake man right now. Yeesh.

My skin was like, burning, so I wanted to live inside the fridge or better yet freezer. So I cranked the AC down. The only problem was that my body was getting cold cause the room was cold... but I couldn't really wear a whole lot of clothes because my skin was burning. But since my skin was burning I wanted to keep the room cold... AAAHHHH!!! 悪循環だ! (vicious circle)

Anyways, this past weekend I visited Kana in Oyama again. No pictures this time around, but we decided to rent a movie. The only problem was we rented probably the worst movie ever created - The Curse of King Tut's Tooooommmmmbbb!!!. Yea umm... unbelievable. Words cannot describe this atrocity. Basically I think this is what happened...

"Hey, archeologists/adventurist are popular right now! Let's make a terrible made for TV movie to jump in on the popularity!"
"That's a great idea! How much money should we invest on this?"
"How about 15 million dollars!"
"But how are we going to convince people 15 million dollars was invested into this?"
"Who knows, how about we make it really long and put some cheap CG in it. That should eat up a lot of dough."
"I love it!"

...ugh. At some point during that movie I switched over from interest in the movie to interest in how BAD that movie was. Wow.

Well Sunday I got a chance to go to St Paul's international again in Iidabashi (Tokyo) where I went to church while I studied abroad. Man I can't tell you how cool it is to see familiar faces. Everyone I know right now I've only known for a few months now (wow, its already been 3 months), so it's nice to be around people with a bit more history. Best of all, dude and his family from Madagascar are still there. wewt.

When I mentioned I'm interested in offering what I can with music (trumpet, choir, etc) they seemed pretty psyched, haha. I guess they enjoyed the Easter 3 years ago where I played trumpet and we threw together a choir (and I directed! hah!). Now I gotta get my trumpet over here (I brought my mouthpiece for now).

Alright, that covers it for now. I promise less non-blog and more blog in the near future.


Anonymous Erik said...

If you live up to this promise of more blog and less non-blog, there will be barbecue sauces in your future.

6/25/2010 9:51 AM  
Blogger Kurisu said...


6/25/2010 10:00 AM  

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