Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Hemp Haircut

Finally got my hair(s)cut today for the first time since coming back to Japan. It was rather long, so it felt good to shed a couple pounds off my head. I was much overdue.

I went to this place that Ishiakawa-san goes to in Shake (same station as work) called Hemp... and I'm pretty sure its a reference to what you think it is. The sign for this place was this huge graffiti style sign with a Jamaican kind of color scheme. His car (van) was also tricked out with a skirt and flames paint job. The store itself had a whole assortment interesting knick-knacks and stuff as well.

But the guy was... just a normal nice guy. I guess that kind of stuff is just his hobby (in a good way). My haircut actually turned out not to bad either. Much better than the $35 haircut I got in Tokyo 3 years ago where I left it up to the barber and he gave me a... mullet. Yes a mullet. man I'll never forget that.

Anyways thats that. Got my hair cut in Japan and it turned out pretty good. Cool.


Anonymous Parsons said...

Knick Knacks?
Do you mean paraphernalia?

What's the address of your previous barber? I could really use a barber that's familiar with mullets. Every time I get my hair cut the gals doing the cutting kill my mullet!
This makes the wife unhappy. :-)


6/07/2010 11:18 PM  

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