Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A little bit of random...

Alright, well here's a few things I've run across over the past couple week's I've gotta share...

First off, I ran across this guy in Shinjuku when I was with Kana a couple weekends ago. Notice anything unusual about it? Hmm... that Indian flat bread looks good, especially that hot dog... well actually I think I'll go for some Hot Sand. Yea.

Ok to be fair there's a reason for them selling warm granular minerals. In Japanese the word for sandwich (sandowicchi - サンドウィッチ) is shorted to sand (sando - サンド). And then its kinda cool/fashionable for it to be written in English, so we get "Sand" :)

Ok, I've seen this little van parked on the side of the road a couple times on my way to work already. Theres no other strange marking or stickers or anything on this vehicle, except for this spray painting of a skeleton pointing to the gas cap, saying "Regular Only." Awesome.

This particular vending machine happened to be on my way to work when I was still living in Ebina, but I'm sure they're plenty of others around the country. Anyways, I couldn't help myself when I saw it say "SUNTORY BOSS is the BOSS of them all!!

On a side note, have seen any of the Tommy Lee Jones commercials for Boss Coffee? The setting is that aliens have come to Earth and are investigating the human population (Japan) disguising themselves as characters they'd seen in the movies. Pure gold.

And finally, Chocolate Sparkling!

New combination of soda & chocolate flavor! Umm... yea, its basically like someone took some water, dissolved some chocolate powder in it, and injected some carbonation. Its... terrible... sorry. Although I have to say the Ice Cucumber Pepsi I had at the end of my study abroad 3 years ago was actually quite tasty! I wish I could find it again...


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