Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Summer Festival Japan Premiere Red Carpet

When I originally heard Star Trek was being rebooted, honestly as a long time fan, growing up watching The Next Generation, I was more than a bit concerned about what would happen to the series and cannon. The result was far better than I even imagined, particularly with the cast's characteristics and personalities being spot on with the original crew. I even ended up purchasing the blu-ray when it came out (something I rarely do). And to be honest, the lens flares didn't bother me as much until I heard all the commotion about it, but whatever floats your boat for artistic license.

Now, fast-forward to today. The next film in the new series, Star Trek Into Darkness, premiered in theaters in the US back in May... but I couldn't see it, because the film doesn't come out in Japan until 3 months later, August 23rd. It's now August, and I assumed there are probably some events (this is Tokyo after all), so I figured why not give a chance at entering a few, and see what happens.

I won.

Wait a minute... Holy cow. I won. What's further, the event is a special premiere red carpet event in Roppongi, with JJ Abrams (director), Chris Pine (Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), and Alice Eve (Carol Marcus) attending. Plus, the 'contest' I won selected me as a part of a 20 person special 'Correspondent Crew,' which I believe means I get to maybe meet, greet, ask questions, and have an opportunity to have them sign something - enter 3-disc special edition blu-ray I bought. The cover insert has Kirk on the front and Spock on the back, so I'd much like to have them sign that. Then it will be protected by the plastic cover. Wish me luck!!

By the way, this event takes place at the TOHO Cinema in Roppongi - my favorite theater in Japan. It looks like a space ship!

Also, hooray for 10,000 views! Although I cannot take credit since it's been far too long since my last update... but I will certainly follow up this post! Stay tuned...

Friday, December 07, 2012

Well Hello, Earthquake

Well, the last time I was active with this blog was with the 3/11 earthquake last year, so I guess now is as good a time as any to update.

If you haven't heard, there was a rather large M7.3 earthquake off the coast of NE Japan, pretty much in the same spot as the megaquake last March. Wouldn't be surprised it it's an aftershock from last year - I think they mentioned those can go on for 10 years?

Anyways, it was intensity 5- in NE Japan near the epicenter, and we felt an intensity 4 around these parts (central Kanagawa). The earthquake itself was eerily familiar to the megaquake last year. Started out slow, but just wouldn't stop. Then it got larger and larger, and kept going and going. A few things tipped over, but nothing major - everything here is just fine.

I heard there's a Tsunami warning for as high as 1 meter. I imagine everyone in that area is being very careful. I also heard the bullet train stopped, I hope my train is still running. Guess we'll find out. EDIT: Sounds like the bullet train is running again, as is mine.

In short - big earthquake, shook a lot and some things tipped over, but myself and everything here is fine.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Goin Home for Easter

Huzzah! Just got the tickets purchased. I'll be in Minneapolis from this coming Sat (the 24th) and work at HQ that week. This trip coincidentally fell the week before Easter, so I'm taking the opportunity to go home for Easter for the first time in a few years. :D

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Eyes

Been working a bit late... of late. I think its doing a number on my eyes.

I don't know, can't really tell a difference though.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Behold, the Power of Cheese

I believe I've finally stumbled upon something more than worthy of breaking the (very unfortunate) silence of my blog over the last several months.

So I'm walking through the grocery store stocking up on a few things and looking for dinner. I make the usual rounds through the produce, meat, deli and dairy, when suddenly...


The Power

Of Cheese

Cheese! Real American Cheese!!! Not the crappy Camembert Cheese that looks and tastes like wax. Not the fake processed Kraft slices which taste a little bit better than the wax, but still lack that cheese consistency. Not the super fancy and super expensive stuff you could never make a grilled cheese sandwich out of. This is real cheese in just the right sized block packing, and in 3 good flavors to boot - Cheddar, Monetary Jack and Pepper Jack.

Then I say to myself, "Self... you've seen these cheeses before..."

Crystal Farms?! Wisconsin Cheese!? Made in Lake Falls, WI?!!?? Product of USA?!?! Halleluiah!!!

These are the exact brand of cheese I used to eat all the time back at home. These are also some of the exact cheeses I used to carry back with me after my travels to the USA once or twice a year. Now I can pick them up for five bucks at my local grocer? Alright, one of these days I'm gonna find Bush's Baked Beans lying around somewhere, I know it. I've already got Johnsonville brats.

Oh and a little news on the home front - my company is moving to a new location! So with me being in charge of dismantling and then reconstructing our entire IT infrastructure from scratch, its been more than a wee bit stressful. But hey, its good experience, and I'll know our new network like the back of my hand (at least I should after painstakingly pouring my eyes over the blueprints over a hundred times).

But now that I have some cheese on my side, I think everything will be juuuust fine... hah.