Monday, May 31, 2010

Dez Intranetz is Fast

Finally got some internet in my apartment over the weekend. Its well... internet in Japan. I'll let you judge how fast the bandwidth is...

I better go buy a few terabytes to fill up with these speeds, yikes. In comparison the last internet I had was 25 down, and 8 or so up. How bout that.

Well the modem got delivered on Saturday morning, the same time the internet company was supposed to come install it. Only, they never came to install it. Fortunately, this is one of those moments where I'm really glad I majored and work in an IT field. Since no one came to set the thing up, I went ahead and did it myself. Still, I can't believe they didn't even call. Usually when someone comes they call 10 min before they even get there.

Something's kind of weird with the internet yet though. Some pages load fine, others sit there churning and never load. My ps3 can also get online, but it times out when trying to log into Playstation Network. I thought it might be my ISP's DNS, or some other setting where they're blocking certain ports, but when I hooked the PS3 directly to the modem, it worked fine. But I'm not sure how it could be my router since its a pretty nice one (D-Link DIR-655) I got 6 months ago and I've used it with my PS3 ever since I got it. So I opened up all the ports for PSN and that didn't work so I put the PS3 on DMZ, but still no. I also tried disabling the SPI, QoS, and WISH; as well as loosening up the NAT endpoint filtering, and it still didn't work. I set the PS3 DNS to the one from my ISP, but still no. My internet is VDSL and with a PPPoE connection though, so maybe my router doesn't like that? PPPoE's are kinda... yuck. You following all this? Good. Cause I'm open to suggestions :)

Figured out my internet problems, see next post.

And now for something completely different. I found this at the supermarket yesterday. Pepsi Baobab.

Apparently this is a cola they created using the Baobab Tree thats native to Africa as a motif. Ok, sure whatever.

It's actually... pretty good. I think I might have another the next time I stop at the supermarket. Except I'm not sure about the whole Baobab tree part, unless its related to giner somehow, cause this is basically Ginger Ale. Still, its really good though. Much better than Chocolate Sparkling.


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