Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finally, A Few Updates

Blog? Oh, Blog! Right, I have a blog. Video gaaaaaames ::shakes fist:: this time, you've bested my blogging time, for the last time... in a long time... so well!! (Harvey Korman as Hedley Lamarr in Blazing Saddles? :D ). Ok, time for a post. Its been a few weeks since the last, and I've ran across a bunch of cool/funny stuff I've been wanting to post about, but for now I'll just give a few updates.

In case you've been wondering whats been doing such a good job at pulling me away from my blog, this:

Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record UC 0081. Its only been released in Japan so far, so how convenient for me. :) That said, all the menus are in English for some reason... so also convenient. Yay. The game itself is almost like you playing through the story in an actual Gundam anime, so it thoroughly rocks my socks off. I picked this up used for approx $12 too, what a steal!

In other news, I have a clothes dresser! There was much rejoicing! ::yaay:: I no longer have (clean) clothes strewn across the floor anymore! Everything's tucked away nice and tidy. The dresser is 7 drawers high, and the scary part - I filled it up. Yeesh. Every time I've moved/gone abroad I shed a little bit of dead-weight in stuff/clothes I don't really use, but even after the 8 times I've moved in college (including studying abroad) I still wind up bringing stuff that I later find out I didn't need. To be fair, this time I don't really have a time limit here, so it was more of a permanent move. But at the same time, its amazing how *not* the end of the world it was to live off of several shirts and a few pairs of jeans. What am I doing with all this other stuff? Haha.

Anyways, today we had a visitor from the US, who was ever so gracious enough to piggy back some precious, precious GOLD that I can't find here. Man I <3 Airborne. I've read mixed reviews about the stuff online, but whether there's more placenta placebo (oops) affect or whatever going on or not, I don't really care, cause it works awesome for me. Whenever I feel a cold coming on, I take one of those babies dissolved in water and thats the end of that. :D

Thank you Kim!!!

Phinally, a phunny story. On my way home today I stopped at the department store/supermarket/everything store, Itoyokado, to get a 2L pitcher so I can start making my own tea. I figure rather than buying 2 liters of tea for $1.50, I'll make my own from tea packs which comes to approx 80 cents for 13 liters. Hmm, 6 cents a liter vs 75 cents a liter... tough choice there.

Anyways, there was no one manning the register when I was ready to check out so I caught someones attention (in Japanese) to check out. He rang me up, asked me if I had my point card (in Japanese) and I said I said I did, handing it to him (in Japanese). I wondered how many points I had built up by now, so I asked him if/how I could find that out (in Japanese). He then points out that on the bottom of my receipt it tells me... but as he's doing this he first asks if I can understand Japanese. I politely say that I can, and he finishes explaining the system to me. But in the back of my head I'm thinking... "DUDE! I've been talking to you in Japanese this whole time! I even asked you a rather complicated question, 'How do I find out how many points I've saved up?' in Japanese!! Seriously man? Why would I be asking if I couldn't understand!?"


This is definitely one of those things we studied about before in my Japanese class. I specifically remember one article we read about "Stop treating me like an animal!", where a foreigner was complaining about how he was treated where people took his picture w/out asking, didn't think he could understand Japanese, etc. Perhaps I'm just optimistic, but I kind of welcome the... different treatment I would get here, since my existence alone over here is special. I'm just your average 6'3" white dude with German ancestry in the US, but over here I'm a GIANT (seriously ran across a lady today that barely cleared my stomach) with interesting blonde/brown hair, and mysteriously blue eyes. Plus my Japanese is often followed by double takes, man that never gets old.

Anyways, with my little incident here I can imagine how foreigners would be annoyed, but I couldn't help but just laugh about it. I talked to that dude in Japanese the whole time and he still wasn't sure if I could speak it or not, hah!

Lastly, GO TWINS!! Man they DESTROYED the Royals today, 19-1. Mauer goes 5 for 5 with 7 RBIs??? BEAST! And whats up with these Grand Slams? Two games in a row?? Plus in true Twins fashion some guys from the farm are comin up and show stopping. Valencia, Repko, Butera? Keep it up! Plus Delmon Young is at like, .330!!?!? (about time!) I smell a nice streak coming up (nope, not jinxing), even though its started with the Orioles and the Royals, but you need to whoop up on some bottom feeders to get some momentum some times (sorry for any Orioles or Royals fans out there). The one thing I do find funny/scary... we streaked at the end of last year after Morneau went down too... hmm... I'm sticking with the 'gotta step up our game since we lost our trump card' reason.



Anonymous Parsons said...

Thanks for the post! Your readers have missed you.

P.S. Sometime I hope to experience placenta effect.

8/03/2010 1:37 AM  
Blogger Kurisu said...

Crap, I thought that sounded weird, but I couldn't think of the correct word. Yet more of my dying English :-/

"Placebo," fixed.

8/03/2010 7:59 AM  

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