Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Epic Quest, It Is Complete

Those of you who tuned in some time ago may remember my amazing Hunts Barbecue sauce and (more amazing) Johnsonville Bratwurst find. I actually found those in the lower level of the department store at the station I live at, Hon Atsugi. I forget the name of the store, but it wasn't necessarily some fancy pants expensive place. For some reason this store just has stuff from all over the world in it. Plus the prices weren't exactly that outrageous either. Usually when you think of import stores theres a 2x price hike for shipping or whatever, but I was able to get that barbecue sauce for 500 yen, and the pack of 6 brats for 600 yen (~$1 each). I have no problem at ALL paying that price. In fact, I'm still dumbfounded by the fact that I have Johnsonville brats in my freezer at this very moment. Plus! I can go get more whenever I need some!

Well my quest continued. When I went to Shonan Beach with Ishikawa-san and company a couple weeks ago, another friend and her daughter tagged along. Turns out this person is married to an American who works at the nearby American base. Well as it turns out, they also have a supermarket at this American base. This American base where Americans live. And naturally Americans working at this American base enjoy American food over Japanese food. Yes... oh yes, are you getting my drift?

I wish you could see the tears on my face. Each one is for all the Americans who have lived in Japan and dealt with absence of Barbecue Sauce and Ranch Dressing (and brats! bonus!). Many thanks to Kana for asking that friend who came about whether or not they had ranch dressing at the American base!

So with this I believe I've found the secret to permanently living in Japan! (sorry mom and dad)

My quest for the holy grail (ranch dressing and barbecue sauce), was complete. And there was much rejoicing, yaaay

...I wonder if I can find buffalo sauce somewhere.


Blogger Natalie said...

I think that's the base my cousin's son and family was at.
I learned yesterday, from Oprah's Bob Greene(?), that there are 3 tablespoons of sugar in one serving of that dressing (that we have in our fridge). Just fyi from your loving aunt!
We have Edamame in our fridge too. Isn't that what you had on your key-chain?

7/21/2010 12:30 PM  

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