Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Future Parking

3 posts, 3 days! The world is ending!!

Last night I mentioned the sweet parking we have out here, and when I woke up this morning, checked digg, I ran across this video...


Very cool stuff. But at the same time I have to go ::yawn:: since apparently we've been living in the future over here in Japan for awhile, haha. No but really cool stuff. My favorite part - check out that video at 1 minute in. Then check out my old robotics project:

Its that good ol SICK laser rangefinder! I hear they cost thousands of dollars, but are SUPER accurate. For the maze solving robot project a little later in the class we actually had to rely on the accuracy of the laser rangefinder, because the tachometer and odometer readings the robot made for itself were not accurate enough. But thats usually how it goes - utilize the most expensive portion the most, heh.

Hmm... programming robots like that was fun. Gotta build a GUNDAM next!


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