Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Wonders of Driving

What?! Two posts in two days?! Who's hijacked my blog???

Tonight we went out for Yakiniku (Korean Barbecue) and MAAAAAN it was de-LISCH as usual. But rather than that, I decided 'hey, how bout I be designated driver tonight?' I have my international license, I'd driven a couple times when I was in Niigata before. So, I did.

Hoooooly cow! It felt so good to drive again! Oh the freedom a car gives you. I gotta be careful not to get too used to it though, cause if I look at the price tag that would come along with a car in Japan, it probably wouldn't take me very long to consider other options of travel. But maaaaan was it nice to drive.

The whole wron-err, left side of the road thing is still very awkward, but I've been riding as a passenger a few dozen times already, so I'm somewhat getting used to it. Backing up onto a street is rather difficult though. Its one thing to just concentrate on everything being opposite when driving, but its another to think opposite and backwards at the same time while backing up. However I won't have to worry about seeing behind me thanks to the camera in back which displays on the GPS in front.

I love Japan.

More than the wro-left side of the road thing though, it was the narrower streets that make me a bit nervous still. That said, the cars are smaller too, so that helps (except the company car seems larger than others I've seen for some reason). Anyways, now I can finally run some errands during lunch if I ever need to, or drive home/come back after the trains for server maintenance, or whatever. Still, I really need to get onto getting my motorcycle license and a motorcycle. Cheaper gas, cheaper insurance, and no need to rent a parking spot. Sounds good to me.

While on the cars subject, there's a parking garage that's gotta be 10 stories tall near my house, and its not the 10 story tall parking garage you're thinking of. Here's a hint - its only 1 car length long, and this is how it works.

Oh and one last Twins thing that I gotta mention - Danny Valencia!! Whats goin on man!?!?? Goes 4 for 5 today, putting him at 14 hits in 4 days?!!? How does that happen!?... I LIKE IT!



Blogger Brian said...

You're making me jealous! Don't get too used to it.

8/02/2010 12:00 AM  

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