Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hot! Too... Hot!

Is it hot there? Cause its been CRAZY hot here, yeesh. Fortunately I haven't been paying attention to the Fahrenheit temperatures but Celsius, so 34C doesn't... sound as hot as 94F... but now that I've looked it up I'm doomed aren't I? Crap. Regardless, I. cannot. wait. for. winter. It's been 30-36C for the last, as long as I can remember, and I've not seen any hint of it cooling on any weather report either :(

Maybe I have thick Minnesota deep freeze winter blood or something, cause after a 10 min walk from the station to home/work I'm in a full body sweat. Recently I've even been power drying myself down with one of our air hoses (good idea Khing!). I think my electric bill is 3x higher than it usually is too. At least my apartment is smaller so it doesn't take much to cool down.

Anyways, my daily battle with heat exhaustion aside, I think the 3 days off last week finally gave me a bit of time to sit back and fully let the idea that I'm permanently living in Japan sink in. I had been exploring multiple ways to come back to Japan, each met with failure or delay, so when things finally came together it kind of felt too good to be true. Even after I got here I've been keeping too busy with work for it to sink in, so the experience has been different from when I studied abroad.

But here I am, living in my own apartment in Atsugi, Kanagawa. I frequent the ItoyoKado supermarket nearby, but I really like to go to the super cheap Gyomu Supermarket too. I've also found that Japanese clothes fit me better since they're cut slimmer, but unfortunately my feet are 3 cm larger than the biggest standard sizes they sell. I LOVE Japanese TV, and thanks to Torne with my ps3 I can record most of them too (also hooray for my $50 500GB upgrade!). It takes me 30 min to get to work and an hour to get to Tokyo (curse you Sagami line and your once every 15 min trains!!). And if I do go to Tokyo there's pretty much anything and everything I would want to do there. Its been over 4 months since I've moved here now. I've done enough things in enough local places that I'm no longer a visitor but a resident.

Wow, I'm really living in Japan. Very cool.

Apparently I need to complain about the weather more often. It's 26C (78F) out this morning. This is the first time in months I've not had to jet dry w/the air compressor or deep freeze in the server room after getting to work!


Anonymous ruth said...

You know Kris, it's been over 100 degrees here in Austin for a couple weeks now. I know you're a notherner. 90 is hot! Just remember to stay hydrated.

8/21/2010 1:41 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

Deep freeze in the server room. Why hadn't I thought of that? I left there in the beginning of October - just as the heat was finally letting up.

8/25/2010 7:04 AM  

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