Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Little Bit of More Random

Originally I thought we were going to go right back to the smeltering heat that was this summer, but since that Typhoon blew through things have finally seemed to calm down. It's still getting in the upper 80's as a high, but drops down into the 70's over night. Ugh, finally.

Anyways, normally I like to avoid the 'check out what I found on the interwebz!' pattern, but I can't resist this. So without further ado, for my fellow TNG fans...

For those who get it, leave some love in the comments.

Also on the subject of backgrounds, I ran across this guy on the series of tubes known as the, "internets"

And better yet, someone had the genius idea to write a bash script for this background that replaces the starfield in the background with the NASA astronomy picture of the day... awesome. Yes, I did originally find this on reddit (after I joined the exodus away from the new digg), so I don't know what linking a reddit article does to my blog's integrity but... w/e. It's too cool to pass up (possible major Calvin & Hobbes bias here). The results of that script are very cool.

Finally, a little news from the home front. We hired a new guy to help out on the floor. He drives this:

Honda NSX
Yea baby.

He tells me it was tuned and customized to run on a circuit before he purchased it. Unfortunately the manifold and muffler are in the middle of being fixed, so it purrs like a... tank. Anyways, I'll be sure to take some more pictures and video when I get a chance to ride it sometime. Also notice how low it is to the ground. Its got air suspension to take care of that. It just rises off the ground when he turns it on, haha. The engine is in the back too.



Anonymous Parsons said...

Love the C&H

9/11/2010 5:27 AM  

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