Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh Der Twains

So since my blog has already been tainted with references to cool things I found online, here's another for the Twins fans or just general Minnesotan's out there

Der Twain urn Heavern

I realize this is coming from a rival White Sox blog, so it's probably meant as a jab at us goofy Minnesotans, but I think it's hilarious. Parody at its best. Plus, apparently I fit the bill perfectly as I'm Lutheran, a Twins fan, and would die for tatter-tot hot dish at this moment. Maybe my Minnesotan accent could use some work though. And I don't know about der Pavstache, but I'm really tempted. Uff dey mayk it tuu da wurld series I mayht just 'ave to groo ma oon Pavstache eh. Also I'll lengthen my sideburns.

Go Twains! :|D

...why is there a Wikipedia for uffda!?!



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