Monday, November 15, 2010

Signs on the Train (also Internet!)

The other day I'm on my train to/from church, it's pretty empty so my eyes kind of wander around the different people and advertisements until they land upon these masterpieces:

It's painful to get caught between the closing doors. Even more so are the eyes of those looking at you. (Look! Look! Close! Close!)

I believe what this is actually trying to convey is the idea that getting caught in the closing doors not only hurts, but the stares of others when you get stuck is also very embarrassing. But when I read this the first time I thought it actually meant that people looking at you was literally painful for some reason. Anyways, it's more attempts of the train companies to dissuade people from running and jumping into the train when the doors are closing, because of the obvious danger. Many people still do it of course though.

My lit cigarette always points toward others, never toward myself.
Smoker > Tobacco > Fire Others Fire

This one is kind of a mystery. The translation is spot on. I thought it's trying to make a point that its a nuisance to point your cigarette at others... but it doesn't say anything about smoke. It literally uses the word "fire" in Japanese too, and has another person surrounded in fire. I guess it really could talk about ash from cigarettes falling on others though. Still, awesome diagram of a person pointing fire at someone else.

On last thing quick here. I got home from work today to find a package from NTT Communications about my internet that should be installed this Saturday. I've been wondering which plan my internet would fall under - mansion of family type. Since there's basically a $10 difference a month, I would much prefer it to be in the mansion (aka apartment building) type. Sure enough it looks like it will be the mansion type (hooray!). I also wondered what the speed for it would be as well since the person I talked to on the phone mentioned something about it being one of the newer/faster plans they have. Well my plan is Mansion High Speed Type (Mini). I looked up the little chart they sent in my package that compares all the plans they have. The slowest plan they have is 100Mbps... and since mine is the 'high speed' plan, I get 200Mbps...

No, that is not a typo. I said 200Mbps.

Hoooooooooooooly crap thats fast.

That translates to 25 megabytes in one second. WOW. In comparison, the fastest internet I had in the US at my apartment in Minnetonka that was on the fiber loop around 494/694 in Minneapolis was 24Mbps, or 3 megabytes in one second. Of course I'll probably never max that out, but if I'm ever downloading a big file, or say... playing video games online, that extra bandwidth will help out a lot. Especially since I'll have 100Mbps up as well.

Amazing Japan. I love your internet so much.


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