Friday, February 04, 2011

Almost There...

If you haven't, read this guy first: Auto Mapping!

Success! I cut my time down to the 10 min mark! ...Unfortunately it was because I was rushing to work late this morning, sigh. But hey, getting to work at 9:18 after getting out of bed at 8:54 is pretty quick I guess.

Anyways, I increased the accuracy of the GPS readings on My Tracker down to 65 ft, and got some pretty interesting results. I hug the sidewalk much better this time, not straying into the buildings in the adjacent neighborhood. Again you can see exactly where I crossed the street, but this time with even more accuracy.

Here I got stopped by a light, but since it was a T intersection, I could cross to the other side, travel the top of the T, and then cross back over. This couldn't have taken more than 15-20 seconds, yet it registered the whole thing. Very cool.

Unfortunately it seemed to lose my signal when I biked under the tollway. I'll have to loosen the minimum accuracy to 165 ft for next time. In comparison, the default was 650 ft, so the jump from 650 to 65 while still maintaining the signal fairly well was pretty impressive.


Total Distance 2.2 mi    Max Speed 19.0 mph
Total Time 10:22    Average Speed 12.8 mph
Moving Time 9:16    Average Moving Speed 14.3 mph
Elevation --    Elevation Gain 34 ft
Min Elevation 151 ft    Max Elevation 182 ft
Min Grade -3%    Max Grade 5%

Interesting to see the elevation statistics have changed a bit, probably on account of the more accurate GPS readings. Also I stood up on my bike at one point, but if I recognized that, I'd be super impressed.


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