Tuesday, March 01, 2011

All Around Japan

Well this should prove I live in Japan.

I noticed Picasa has this awesome facial recognition feature to it. It groups faces it recognizes, you can then tag them, and it will intelligently add new faces to those groups, to which you can confirm if it got it right or not. Thanks to that, I was able to put together this cool (but very incomplete) collection of shots of me from all around Japan.

Some time later I'll go through and add more. I should have more shots of me in front of Tokyo Tower, in Osaka, and in my Kimono. Anyways, looking through these, after 2+ collective years of living in Japan now, it kinda hits you as to how much I've done. These also make me want to get up and get to more traveling! I'm not a broke college student anymore, I gotta get out and see a bit more of the country! :D

...and remember to take pictures with ME IN THEM.

PS: I wish I could figure out a way to slow down the Picasa auto slide show...


Anonymous Levy-sensei said...

In the interests of scientific experimentation, you should also grow your hair out for the next 12 months and really try to push the boundaries of how good the Picasa facial recognition software is.

Also, get a picture with 3 PS3's, and a cake.

3/01/2011 11:21 PM  

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