Sunday, October 01, 2006

Well, definately making the best of my last weekend before classes start... aww man, classes?? Up until now it just feels like a total vacation, hangin out and partyin in Japan, lol. Well, then again... even classes arent exactly gonna be the hardest thing, it gonna be a fun year, lemme tell ya.

Oh, so i've registered for Intensive Japanese 2, a Developement of Japanese History/Society 1, and this Intro to Web Design class. Haha, yes, i'm taking a 2 credit intro to web design class, just for the hell of it >_< Anyways, its a total of 14 credits, and then add my online Maximizing Study Abroad course from the U, and you get 15. But i wont find out for sure what my schedule is at Sophia until Tuesday. Yea, apparently they're doing things old skool there where you actually go in and physically hand in this registration sheet. As opposed to like, doing it online and being able to figure out how many ppl are in which class so you can know if they're open or not and... well yea, Tuesday may or may not be a good day. Ugh

Anyways, i'll post my schedule up sometime later when that all gets figured out. For now though, a good weekend. Went looking for a DS all over Tokyo yesterday only to find out what we already knew: there all gone. Oh well, it was fun. Ended up in Ikebukuro and ate at Yoshinoya, mmm-mmmm. Yoshinoya is basically... Japanese fast food. Mostly rice bowls and such. But good, cheap, and good, mmm... Oh, and they finally have beef back in Japan! There was a ban on it for two years cause of a mad cow scare, but about a month ago it was finally lifted, woo ^_^

So we were in Ikebukuro, and after about 100 emails to and from ppl (i'm not kidding) we finally ended up with a group of about 6 for Karaoke. Good times. Turns out there was this Fukuro Matsuri goin on just outside the West Tobu Exit of Ikebukuro Station. Apparently its actually a rather big festival or somethin. I looked into more of it after i got home, wish I had know some of what i found out earlier, so it would have had some significance to me, but oh well. I got some good pictures. Especially from the 6th floor window of our Karaoke room. Great view.

Anyways, some more information about the current festivals for this month and next here
Also check out some more information on Fukuro Matsuri here and here

After a few hours of Karaoke in Ikebukuro, we came back here to Azalea. Shortly after we got back, some friends of mine as well as some other Italians (who are friends of ppl that live here) were leaving for Shinjuku. I was invited along... so i went, haha. I figure its my last free weekend before school, so all nighter for me baby, lol. It was fun though, i'm glad i went. Plus now i know even more people. We ended up at some restaurant in Shinjuku, and then all-night Karaoke baby, until 6 am, hahaha. Thats alot of Karaoke for one night, and i'd still go back tonight, haha. Lots of fun, i'm tellin ya

So yea, i didnt get home until almost 7 i think, only to find out that the TWINS LOST T_T haha, oh well, last game of the season comin up here. Come on KC, sweep Detroit, and Twins avoid the sweep! TAKE THE DIVISION!!! Quite a race though, even for the division up to the last game, wow, so i'll prolly listen to that after classes tomorrow, the least i can do is listen to the last game of the regular season

Well i should prolly get some sleep before i leave for campus tomorrow. Best i get there early, so i should leave here around 8. Welcome to the crowded rush hour of Japan, sigh...

Pictures as usual here, oh and here too


Anonymous Jamie said...

You didn't email me... :P So, why is there a pic of you under a table?? lol... good luck with classes

10/02/2006 1:02 PM  

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