Monday, September 25, 2006


Okay, wow i've been busy the past few days. Its already, woah, a week.... dang, but yea, its been a weeks since i got here, and i've been lovin every minute of it.

Today i went to Harajuku, walked around explored and such, and then ate at this nice lil restaurant. After that i met up with a friend again and finally bought a cell phone, yes!!! I wanted to get the vodafone TV phone, but theres some weird deal with it where you have to actually buy the full price of the phone for like, $300 or so when yur done with the plan. Like i can get it now for 1 yen (1 penny), but when i go home i have to buy the phone straight up. Its... kinda stupid. There was another AU phone that i could get thats similar (not as cool), and apparently someone i know got it for 1 yen and then 4,000 a month (about $40 per month) which is actually pretty dang good for a phone like that. But the deals i was able to find were prolly around that price per month maybe, but i have to buy the phone for $200 or so, which is.... no.

So i went with the cheapest simple student plan, haha. Its actually a really nice phone, especially compared to anything in the US, haha. Then again, i prolly really like it just for its super Japanese type qualities... hard to explain, and i'm not sure you would exactly understand, lol, but its good, really good, trust me. and $20 a month is super cheap, so its just right, i'm lovin it. You can do everythign with yur phone here

but after that, we went back to harajuku and met up with some other friends, went out to eat and such, came back to ikebukuro and took some purikura again, lots of fun. I'll have to start a puri kura album of all the puri kura i'll prolly take while i'm here. Puri kura is... well, wikipedia can prolly do a better job of explaining it, plus i'm really tired, and i'm watching the Vikings game on TVU Player

I <3 Internet TV

So yea, i'll be able to get my placement test results tomorrow to see what Japanese i can get into, hopefully that will all work out, getting into the class i want to that is. I hope i dont have to go all the way to Sophia just for that, cause its like 230 each way, thats about 4 1/2 bux just to go find out how i did on a test. and.... i dont think i really wanna know, lol. But after that tomorrow i've got counceling and what not for classes, kinda lookin foward to it but i am having a lot of fun obviously right now just goin out all day to different places all over Japan. I'd like to head over to Fujisawa and visit with Mia before classes start if i can though...

But actually i would like classes to start so i'll know what my class schedule will be like, then i'll be able to say when i'm available for tutoring or teaching. If i tutor or teach it seems i can make around $30/hr. boo-yah. That will definately make karaoke nomihoudai and other fun stuffs affordable. If i have an income of $300 or so a week.... yeeesssss. That will definately let me make the best of things while i'm here.

Well anyways, still working on the picture system, will upload more and more as i get it organized, look foward to tons of pictures. I forgot my camera today tho, and OF COURSE thats the day when i run into a bunch of random things that don't quite happen as often that i wanna take pictures of (ie: a festival, some fire trucks, a street performer, etc) But i did have friends that took some pictures and such, so i'll be able to get ahold of em

Alright, time for sleep, wait... finish the Vikings game (if i can stay up) then sleep, oh and the Twins are winning too.... GO TWINS!


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