Saturday, September 23, 2006

Finally Pictures!!!

Just wanna quick give a link to some of the pictures I've been taking. I've only uploaded the 1st day or so of when i was here, but when i have some more time later, i'll be adding a lot more.

Latest Picutres here

Last night we went to Shibuya for Soren's birthday party (which was last sat actually) and another friend Dominica who's going back to Poland on Sunday. Maybe.... it would have been a better idea to take the last train instead of the 1st in the morning.... haha. Not gonna lie, it was pretty rough taking the train in the morning. I now understand why and how so many people are able to sleep on the train, lol. Anyways, more sweet pictures from Shibuya comin later.

Tonite i'm off to Shinjuku again with a big group of friends, but right now i gotta get read to head off and meet a friend in Ikebukuro. I'm finally buying a cell phone!!! yesss!!!!! It's seriously so rediculous to try and get around and contact people without a cell phone. Pretty much a social requirement to have one. Theres this really basic and very cheap student plan for like, 2000 yen a month and 1 yen for the phone (20 bux, 1 cent), but if i pay like, 10-20 more a month, i can prolly get a really sweet phone. I think i might get the one where the screen folds out and you can watch TV. Its a vodafone too, so i might be able to use it when i get back to the US. haha, cant wait to be like, "yea, this is what they had in Japan... last year"

Seriously this place is amazing >_<


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