Wednesday, September 13, 2006

始めまして - Nice to meet ya

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Alright, about time I set up a blog for this, lets see, shall we cover the details of this coming year?

I will be studying abroad at Sophia University (上智大学) in Tokyo the the 2006-2007 academic school year. The school system in Japan runs differently than in the US. We go from the beginning of October to the end of January with a break over new years, two months break (FOR TRAVELING!!!) and then 2nd semester from April through July. I'll be back early August of '07. So thats 4 months school, 2 months break, 4 months school, 2 months break, etc. Interesting eh? No, not weird, just different, lol.

Anyways, I'll be living in an apartment style dorm in Heiwadai, a part of Nerima-ku on the northwest side of Tokyo. It's about a 10 min walk to the nearest staion. From there I've gotta take the Yuurakuchou line from Heiwadai to Ikebukuro, and then another train from Ikebukuro to Yotsuya, where campus is. All in all about 45 min or so I've heard... so I bought a really nice mp3 player, haha (check out my cool mp3 player tho at samsung).

As is to be expected, definately very small room T_T less than 180 square feet for a bed, desk, kitchenette, closet, and bathroom. Prolly gonna be around 9x20 from the looks of Azalea's site. Dorm information and the address can be found here. But thats alright, I'm not going to Tokyo to be cooped up in my room. Plus this place has no curfew, huge bonus. Seemed like all the other arranged housing either had a strict curfew and tons of forms you had to fill out in order to have a friend over or stay out over night, meh. I'm gonna look into possibly an apartment with friends for the spring semester. Can't say thats what i'll be doing next semester, but i'll for sure be lookin into it.

So thats about the basics for now. I don't find out what classes I take till I get there. That gets taken care of with orientation. I do however have to get to Azalea from Narita (the airport) by myself when i get there. bleh. Not too worried, i'v


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