Saturday, September 16, 2006

ugh... no more please

ok, a few words of newly aquired wisdom: It is IMPOSSIBLE to pack what you need for a year into 2 suitcases while maintaining weight restrictions... ugh

My flight leaves tomorra (Sat morning), and I had originally planned on being completely packed Wednesday. Didn't happen. Not to say i've been totally slackin about this, but holy crap its way more involved than you think until you actually get to doing it. Just goes more to show how America is in love with too much 'stuff' haha, but i'll rant on that later

hmm... I was just thinkin, I'll have to change the time zone on this blog then when i get around to that, or maybe i should stamp it on my own

Sat, Sep 16, 2006 3:20 AM GMT -6 (Central Time)

So anyways, here I am, 3 in the morning, debating on whether or not I should go to bed. Theres absolutely no point in trying to preserve my sleep cycle since it'll get royally screwed over with the 15 hour time difference anyways. So i'm kinda thinkin, stay up, double/triple check my luggage, and sleep on the plane. Its almost a 13 hour flight, which I've done before, and well... i do not fit well in plane seats. The last time i couldn't sleep a wink, not fun. I'm takin some NyQuil with me this time, haha

Well I think i've got everything packed. It's been drivin me so insane i keep forgetting that i'm actually going to Tokyo tomorrow... holy crap, I'm goin back to Tokyo tomorrow...... HOLY CRAP!!

lol, nah i'm still too spent, stressed, and tired for it to hit me like a brick wall yet, hahaha, that'll prolly smack me in the face on the plane, or the train enroute to my dorm, which, by the way, i will be taking by myself. I looked up the times for the N'EX (Narita Express) which I'll take from the airport to Ikebukuro, which is apparently a really... REALLY big station, and then from there I'll, well first somehow find, and then take the Yuurakuchou line, which is actually a subway, to Heiwadai where my dorm is in Nerima-ku, and then after that, its a 10, 15 min walk from the Heiwadai station to my dorm

Simple, right?

Meh, i'll survive. See ya in Tokyo


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