Friday, September 22, 2006

Ikebukuro Domination

Well its after 1 in the morning here, and i'm exhausted from walking around Ikebukuro all day today, so i'll keep this lil update short.

first off Yesterday... what was yesterday... oh yes! Wednesday, Wednesday was Orientation at Sophia. So i went there for the first time. Boy its a beautiful campus, supposedly many others in Tokyo are quite as pretty as Sophia. Now i must say... its small, but when i have the U in comparison, well... nothing compares, haha. But its a really cool place. And i've already met and made friends with a number of Japanese at Sophia, so its very exciting.

After orientation, some friends showed us around campus, which wasn't really much cause its kinda small, but then we headed off to Shinjuku. Now that was fun. Shinjuku at night... well any part of Tokyo at night, wow. But anyways, we went to Don Quixote, a really big and cheap department store, actually, the dept stores in Japan here, they have everything... EVERYTHING. you can seriously just get anything you would need at these department stores, and the selection too is usually top rate. Very cool. But anyways, Don Quixote, then a 100 yen store, and then we went to take PuriKura (Print Club).

For those of you unwares of the insanity of PuriKura, check out wikipedia or do a google search on purikura. All girl in Japan are just obbsessed with it, lol. nah, its kinda fun. I like it more just on account of it being almost a staple of japan, haha. Anyways there were 13 of us... yes, 13. Somehow or another we managed. I'm going to be getting the pictures from that later, so i'll upload them later on here.

And now today. Well today was alot of fun too. Why haven't i come to Japan earlier, i'd be at home studying right now if weren't here, haha. Anyways today we first went to the Nerima-ku city office, which is basically like, the city gov building/office or w/e, i had to register as an alien within 90 days of arriving here, plus i need the certificate from registering for that so i can buy a cell phone ASAP!!! without a cell phone you like, have no social life, haha.

So after Nerima, we went and uhh... Dominated Ikebukuro, lol. Ikebukuro was kinda on the way home, we just had to go past Kotae-kukaihara on to Ikebukuro on the Seibu Ikebukuro or Yuurakuchou line. piece of cake man, less than 200 yen even. But after getting to Ikebukuro we kinda... wondered around, exploring the station and such. Then we finally went outside looking for a place to eat. I forget the name of the restaurant, but it was really good traditional Japanese food. After that we kind of just wandered all over Ikebukuro, ya know, dominating it, haha. my friends with me quick bought a cell phone since you need them so bad here. One also signed up for a Shinseiginkou bank account too which i'll probobly do that once i get a job.

Ok, i will add pictures later, but for now.... good night

...GO TWINS!!!


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