Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tokyo Shashin - Pictures

Ok, I'll be constantly updating this post for all the picutures I take while here in Tokyo. They're all hosted at a very nice website called flickr, and I might update some comments on them... maybe, I've already accumulated almost 200 pictures in the first week so, I imaging keeping up with the comments and such would be fairly difficult. Anyways, on to the pictures

See the most recent pictures here

At the same time I'm also going to be running a few, shall we say, themed picture sets. Of the non-one day limited type. You'll see what I mean

Digestive Bits and Other Hard to Swallow Engrish
Everybody Engrish love no? Quite possibly some of my favorite parts about Japan, messed up English, w00t. Of course we do the same thing to Japanese/Chinese ourselves. I mean, how many people actually know or care what kanji tatoo they're getting? It just looks cool right? What goes around comes around. Welcome to the world of Engrish. ^_^

Ahh purikura. Guys hate it, girls love it, hahaha. Meh, i think its fun cause its a very Japanese signature thing, plus the girls just seem way too excited to do purikura so its like, an easy way to make their day, haha. Anyways, check out some more about purikura on wikipedia if you want

Jidouhanbaiki - Vending Machines
Yes, the ever famous Japanese vending machines! You really can get anything from em, I'll be proving that with this ^_^

Random, yes the best, random pictures of Azalea House, i love this place


Ok, and now the more traditional daily type picture sets

06.10.07 Shinjuku Karaoke
Yet again Shinjuku, for Karaoke, good times, saw some crazy stuff on the way there too, haha

06.10.06 Amity Nomikai
Nomikai!! (Drinking Party) Amity is this like... traveling club... w/e, good times, it was def typhooning outside though, haha, umbrella graveyard all over Tokyo, crazy

06.10.03 Akasaka - Tokyo Tower
The View from Joe's parents place on the 17th floor of a building in Akasaka... just..... wow, breathtaking, these pictures dont even give it justice, holy cow, oh and... also pictures from when we wandered over to Tokyo Tower, wow

06.09.30 Shinjuku
got back from karaoke... and then went out again, this time to shinjuku, lol, all nighter baby

06.09.30 Ikebukuro Karaoke
Went to Ikebukuro and such, ended up callin a bunch of ppl and went karaoke, good times. Oh and there was this fukuro matsuri (festival) going on. Fukuro means bag, but its called Fukuro Matsuri cause its in Ikebukuro, fukuro = bukuro (same kanji), see:
池袋 = Ikebukuro
袋祭り = Fukuro Matsuri

06.09.28 Shinjuku Hub
After the Amity welcome party we went over to a Hub in Shinjuku, it was fun

06.09.27 Shinjuku again
Went to shinjuku again after dropping off registration, saw some cool stuff, gettin more used to Shinjuku

06.09.26 Shinjuku Domination
After the "advising" session at Sophia i went to a friend and... pretty much wandered around Shinjuku for a few hours, it was fun. We went to Kaiten-zushi here in Heiwadai afterwards too, mmmmm...

06.09.23 Shinjuku
Went to Shinjuku for Karaoke and Nomihoudai with a bunch of people. Karaoke is wildy popular in Japan, and if you were to go, you would easily see why. Of course throwing nomihoudai in the mix (all you can drink, yes beer, etc) makes alot of people who may not neccessarily sing start beltin their hearts out, hahaha. Oh oh oh, and i bought a cell phone finally on this day ^_^

06.09.22 Shibuya
Last Saturday was Soren's (from Denmark) birthday, as well a friend of theirs Dominica was returning to Poland the following Sunday. So... we went out to party, haha. It was actually a lot of fun. I got to meet more Japanese, as well as someone who's from Fujisawa, where I stayed with Mia and her family for the 1st week of the last time i was here. Lookin foward to goin back down there to visit for sure. Anyways, we went to a club afterwards but... not exactly my scene. I definately did enjoy hanging out with my friends, but it prolly woulda been a better idea to take the last train home around midnight instead of the 1st around 4:30, ugh. Basically... DEAD TIRED

06.09.21 Ikebukuro Domination
Yea, we totally dominated Ikebukuro today, lol. Basically had a few errands and such to do, like the Bank and a Cell Phone, etc, and then we just wandered around for... several hours. Gotta get used to the closest main station. Ikebukuro ftw yo!

06.09.21 Shinjuku
So after orientation at Sophia, we went out in a HUGE group over to Shinjuku. Alot of fun for sure, but after I bought 3 bags full of stuff at both Don Quixote and the 100yen shop, my arms were killin me, lol. Oh we did take some purikura, with 13 people, hahaha, good times

06.09.21 Orientation
A variety of pictures from orientation at Sophia. This was my 1st time at Sophia, and it was actually a very beautiful campus. Better than i thought it would be, i kinda like it here ^^

06.09.18 Akihabara
After watching the sumo in Ryogoku, we stopped at Akihabara on the way home, ya know, since it was on the way. I was still pretty beat, so i didn't really take a ton of pictures. We weren't there for that long anyways, and I'm sure i'll be back... at least once

06.09.18 Ryogoku Sumo
So i got here on the 17th... and went with 2 Danish and a German to go see the Sumo Tournament going on in Ryogoku on the 18th. Sweet, welcome to Tokyo baby. It was the Akibasho tournament, 1 of the 6 they have every year, 3 of which happen to be in Tokyo. I took a video too, I'll be uploading that to youtube later

06.09.17 Azalea Touchaku
Just some various pictures I took when I got to Azalea, so you can get a pretty good idea as to exactly what I'm living in. But... then again I spend most of my time in lounge though... meh, Azalea House rocks

06.09.17 Touchaku - Arrival
Welcome to Tokyo baby. Left home around... 9am for the airport, and finally got to my room at Azalea around 9pm here, which is 7am Central Time, yes, that would be about 22 hours of travel, 13, 14 or so on a plane, and then a couple hours on a train after i got here, plus an hour and a half layover in Minneapolis, and having to wait an hour for the train in Narita, and of course time to get through cutoms and stuff to and.... yea, travling ftw, woo hoo


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