Friday, September 29, 2006



haha, so... i've been trying my best to catch the Twins games while i'm here, but thats a bit difficult when their on at the break of dawn or in the morning. guess i got up too late for todays game, but i was able to catch the best part...

Bottom of the 9th
Two outs
Twins are down 0-1 to Royals
Joe Mauer up to bat
deep to left field... goo goooooo GONE!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! HOME RUN!!!! NO WAYY!!!! AHHHH!!!!

haha, yea somethin like that, amazing, ties it up in the bottom of the 9th, sending us into extra innings where we manage to score on a bases loaded sac fly, oh man, Twins are now tied for the AL Central, woo!

Oh yea umm Japan, right, umm, what did i do yesterday... oh yes! haha, the Amity welcome party. Amity is a club at Sophia for like... idk, i guess you could say traveling. Its pretty much a joint study abroad/local japanese club, so its actually a pretty fun thing to be a part of, and they're gonna be traveling and such to some of the closer cool places and such, so i'm lookin foward to it.

After the welcome party, i tagged along with some friends to a Hub, haha, its pretty much... and English pub. Meh, it was fun to just hang out and chat with friends, feels a lil weird tho being able to just go up and order whatever drink i want since i'm 20, heh, oh and please rest assured, drinking is a social thing as far as i'm concerned, i'm quite responsible about it, so no worries, just havin a good time with all my new friends in Japan ^_^

As usual, pictures... here


Blogger Supreme Lord said...

i should let you know that RvB's 5th season has finally started... so now you have something else to distract you from studying... besides being in japan

10/01/2006 1:54 PM  

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