Thursday, October 12, 2006

Officially a Gaijin

Ok, some free time in between class, i should stop playing games on these comptuers and do something productive, lol

I've prolly missed a few things but oh well, I've been really busy with a lot of things, so its been hard to keep up with this. As soon as i start to get a lil behind on this, i just dont have the energy to catch back up with it, and i get even more behind, haha, anyways, i'm now officially a foreigner in Japan, picked up my Gaikokujin Touroku Shoumeisho (Alien Card) yesterday, so now i dont have to carry my passport everywhere, w00t. Plus its good till my birthday in 2010, so i could just stay here for anohter 4 years, sweet! gah

haha, well i've gotta say i'm definately lovin it, no offence to the US or anything, i love Minneapolis, and Milwaukee, but man... how can you compete with Tokyo?! haha, theres still a whole bunch of places i've yet to go, and tons of amazing pictures i've yet to take. Actually, a friend of mine here has an amazing camera which takes unbelieveable pictures, so he's kinda been showin me the ins and outs of using my slightly more primative yet still amazing camera, haha. ie: appature, shutter speed, iso and what not, different settings to effect how the picture is taken depending on what you're taking a picture of, makes a big difference at times. But yea, he's got some pretty amazing pictures, check out his blog and as well his flickr pictures account, i should be in some of the pictures, or soon will be, actually i gotta get some of the pix of me from him, anyways, way cool stuff

So tonight I´m goin out with Brian and a bunch of friends for Okonomiyaki!! Should be a lot of fun, okonomiyaki is delicious. Metting up in Shibuya at 7 by hachiko... not that you know what that means, lol, anyways, many pictures to come i´m sure, course i cant be out too late cause i´ve got a test tomorrow... again. One a week baby, i should scan in my schedule so you can see how insane this Intensive Japanese class is. But uhh... then again you wouldnt be able to read any of it anyways... well just take my word for it, super hard. Actually... more so super busy right now. I know alot of the material, or am at least familiar with it, its just repetition at the moment. I guess memorizing like, 50+ kanji a week is fairly tough, oh and all the kanji from the pure kanji class wednesday too, hmm... meh, you get used to it, especially when they´re words you already know, w/e, ´ts all buena baby

Currently in the process of looking into possibilities of extending the free internet from the lounge into my room, haha, i´ll make it work, i can do it, save myself 3000 yen a month. I wasted a good couple hours last night that should have been spent doing homework or sleeping... bleh, the internet reaches to outside my door now though, stupid thick concrete walls are killin me though, haha

Well i´m in the middle of my Computer Studies 3 - Intro to Web Design class, i guess i should prolly get to work on something more productive, then again, this class seems to pretty much be a straight up self-study class, and its super easy since its html, nothing even close to the Scheme, Java, and C i've done before, I pretty much just do what I normally would be doing on a computer for 1 1/2 hrs, espc since i'll be using some of this html stuffs to further customize the layout for this blog, get ready for some cooler stuff yet to come, i should finish up that Flash thing i made for my last trip here sometime as well, i'll get around to it eventually

well, back to playin my-err class... working, productivity, and proactive...ness, yes, wee~


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