Monday, October 02, 2006


Well... i'm officially back in school. Although... not gonna lie, going to school in Japan just... somehow doesnt exactly feel quite the same, lol

Anyways, today was definately... good. Despite the early morning, the rain, SUPER packed train, construction, 3 hours of class that'll turn out to be the hardest class i've ever taken, it was a good day, lol. Yes, the morning trains, packed, SUPER packed, i mean squished packed. Like not even kidding litterally squished against other people in the train. For real! you'll never believe me until you actually experience it though, but i'm really not kidding.

But yea, somehow, just... feelin good about everything. Perhaps now that schools started i feel like things are settling down and such, before was just kinda... amiss, not really having any set plans for any day. Anyways, things are feelin pretty good, especially when the twins won the AL Central baby, woo!!

Ok, i gotta get to work on my homework, this intense class buisness is super hard, ugh


Blogger Supreme Lord said...

the words "train" and "personal space" are mutually exclusive while in japan

10/03/2006 12:39 PM  

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