Saturday, October 07, 2006

1 week down

Ok, apologies to those of you keeping up on this on a... semi-daily basis, i really appreciate your interest in my... travels shall we say while i'm here in Japan, i've just been, rather busy of late, heh.

Anyways, RAIN! ohhh man it's been raining, today was gorgeous, and thank God, cause i really needed to do some laundry, but daaang, like a typhoon came through yesterday. and i actually wouldn't be surprised if it was. Now i've got this really nice collapseable umbrella that i carry around for when it rains, and its actually super convenient for the train, cause i can fold it up and put it in this lil cover/case and put it in my bag. However, it seems most ppl in Japan vouch for giant beach unbrellas and carry them everywhere, espc the trains, can get rather annoying, but w/e, I like rain, not typhoon rain, but its still fun, meh

School. Yes school, i am now taking classes at Sophia University in Tokyo, as well my schedule is all worked out. I've got 3 hours of Intensive Japanese from 9:15 to 12:30 every day, i have a Japanese History class: Developement of Japanese Society I, from ancient history till the mid 1800's i think, thats Tues and Fri from 1:30 to 3, and Intro to Web Design is Thurs at 3:15 to 4:45. Pretty rough eh? Well getting to school by 9:15 is, and i'm not complaining about that being early. Everyone takes the train at 8 am, ugh. It seems monday was the worst, and hopefully it will stay that way. That or i've been getting used to the tricks of the trade of riding the trains in Tokyo. See the trick is to get into the parts inbetween the seats, you dont wanna stand smushed inbetween the doors, thats where they pack people in. So you get in and move into the 'aisle' type area inbetween the seats, and its all buena. Aside from it being hot of course, oh btw, i'm not really looking forward to wearing coats in the train come winter, lol

Oh, and my cousin Brian is in Tokyo right now as well, actually he went to Nagoya to watch the F1 race, thats gonna be pretty sweet. But i went over to meet up with him and his friend Joe at Joe's parents apartment in Akasaka... wow... nice place, and AMAZING view. Anyways, went over there for dinner (DELICIOUS!!!!) and after that we went and wandered around Akasaka. And as we were walkin around we spotted Tokyo Tower in the distance... so we decided to walk there, haha. Took some good pictures of that as well, I'll upload them later.

Well i should really get going, I'll be getting the internet in my room eventually, and that will make doing these things alot easier. As much as i love the lounge here, its difficult to get stuff done in here, that problem will be solved when i get super crazy fast Japanese internet, w00t

Many more stories to come, still gotta talk about Nomikai and Karaoke last night, as well as the all night Karaoke i'm goin to tonite... weeee ^_^ Oh oh oh, i made BLTs today, yuuummmm ^_^ ok i'm out, c'ya


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