Saturday, April 09, 2011

Unbelievable Scale

Apparently the seabed off the cost of northeast Japan rose 5 meters and shifted 24 meters by the massive earthquake. This would certainly explain tsunami of epic proportions that ensued, which supposedly reached up to 38 meters in height. That's 125 feet, or more than 10 stories tall! Here's another article on how they estimated the height.

This would also explain how this happened:

Actually while looking for these pictures I ran across this article. It includes quite a collection of unbelievable sights from this disaster, as well as a couple videos at the end of some footage of the tsunami itself I hadn't seen yet.

By the way, the other day on the news they were talking about how many aftershocks we've had over the last week. We've exceeded 400 in total over M5, in the period of a month. Including last Thursday's huge aftershock, there are now 4 M7's, almost 60 M6s', and over 480 M5's. Supposedly the previous record for frequent earthquakes following a huge disaster is about 100. Yes, we've exceeded the worst record of earthquakes by four times.

The good news is that we've not had an M8 aftershock yet, but the bad news is we could still experience M7's and even an M8, and not just sometime in the next month but for a couple years. I think I'll spend the next month earthquake proofing my apartment as much as possible


Anonymous Brad said...

Great blog post. Amazing photos.

4/11/2011 4:59 AM  

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