Thursday, April 07, 2011

Tohoku Quake - Day 27

Big Aftershock. M7.4. Everything's fine in my area which only felt intensity 3.

1:00 am JST (11:00 am CST)

They just lifted all the tsunami alerts. It's been over an hour since that huge M7.4 aftershock, and there haven't been any large quakes since. So I think it's about time I get some sleep. So much for finally getting over my earthquake sickness.

12:10 am JST (10:10 am CST)

They've been showing a graphic on TV about what tsunami are incoming. A couple cities may anticipate a 1m tsunami any minute now, and some others could see 50cm tsunami in 10 or 20 min.

12:00 am JST (10:00 am CST)

The scariest part about this aftershock, it was exactly like the main M9 almost a month ago. It started out slowly, and grew stronger and stronger. Then half way through it suddenly jumped in intensity, and kept shaking and shaking. Fortunately this one was only 2 min long, not 4 like the one last month. Still a little on edge here though. Yeesh.

Oh and the strongest part of this earthquake hit the Miyagi and Fukushima area, yes where the nuclear plant is too. So far they're saying it shook pretty hard, but they've confirmed that nothing seems to be out of the ordinary there for the moment. Aside from the nuclear crisis they've been working hard to control for the past month of course.

11:40 pm JST (9:40 am CST)

Big Aftershock.

M7.4, as strong as intensity 6 on land. It was about an intensity 3 here and lasted a good 2 minutes. Definitely the strongest aftershock we've had in a couple weeks. There are tsunami warnings on the east coast again, but they've only mentioned as high as 2 meters. I've heard mention they may only be 0.5 m and may not reach land after all. Still, this was a huge aftershock, as large as the few we had right after the M9 on the 11th.

I finally got through to my gf, and it seems like everything's ok at her place as well. Being on the 7th floor though, she mentioned her TV was close to tipping over. That must have been scary. :(

...whew. Guess I won't be going to bed any time soon.


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