Friday, March 18, 2011

Sendai Quake - Day 8

4:45 am JST (2:45 pm CST)

I <3 Onsen.

Caught up on some emails and other things from my phone (takes longer but can be done), and took a dip in the onsen here. Man that rejuvenates you. I took pictures too (no, not of me naked in a hot spring) but I'll post those later. For now, good night.

2:45 am JST (12:45 pm CST)
We're here! Just checked in to the hotel. Sounds like they have an onsen. I could use a little relaxation, I think I'll check it out before going to bed.

Turned on the news, seems they've been using fire trucks to spray water on the reactors in fukushima. I hear they sprayed 42 tons of water over 7 rotations. That's a lot of water.

Oh also no internet here, so I'm blogging from my phone. :D

12:00 am JST (10:00 am CST)
Stopped at another service area. Their convenience store was fully stocked, and they had a full rack of snack breads. I think thats the first I've seen of those guys in a week!

10:30 pm JST (8:30 am CST)
We stopped at a service area to get some dinner. There was a line of cars waiting for gas, but we also needed some, so we lined up too. Fortunately we didn't wait long, maybe 20 min, but we were limited to 20 liters. That was enough for what we needed though.

9:30 pm JST (7:30 am CST) -
Well, earlier today in response to announcements from the us embassy, and because of the upcoming 3 day weekend, my company requested that we leave the kanto area, and head to central or western Japan. We will also be closed on Tues and Wed, planning to return on Thursday. This is merely a precaution, and doesn't mean we expect there to be nuclear fallout, but for the time being we'll assess the situation as it evolves from a greater distance.
I'm heading to the Osaka and Nagoya area, where I have some friends living. I guess I get to have a little vacation for the next several days. Leaving shortly with my boss to drive to Nagoya for tonight. Tomorrow I may hang out with a coworker who is from Nagoya.

3:15 pm JST (1:15 am CST) -
Seems the confirmed death toll has reached 6500, exceeding the previous worst post-war disaster, the Kobe earthquake back in 1995.

2:46 pm JST (12:46 am CST) -
Exactly one week since the earthquake hit...

11:10 am JST (9:10 pm CST) -
By the way, we've had a few small aftershocks this morning, not sure where though since I was offline at home. I should look into getting a UPS for my modem and router or something. I should be able to use my phone as a router though.

Right now Edano is giving a presentation on the state of things in Fukushima. The atmosphere appears to be more clam that it has been, but I haven't been listening closely. I've got this crazy thing called work that I need to focus on before we lose power again at 2 pm. Also quickly charging everything I can until then.

10:40 am JST (8:45 pm CST) -
Also, from what I can tell radiation levels are lowering in Fukushima (slowly for the time being), and they have/are soon to be restoring power to reactor 2 via a 1 km long extension cord. Finally some comforting news.

10:35 am JST (8:40 pm CST) -
Everything's back online. I hear we're going to be having another 3 hour outage between 1:50 pm and 5:30 pm (11:50 pm and 3:30 am CST). Two outages a day two days in a row??? Ugghhh... Is this gonna continue into the weekend? I've gotta set up some more automation to our 'low power' mode.

9:40 am
Power's back! Our servers should be coming online shortly. I need to run over and turn the AC on in the server room though.

8:00 am
Yup, there goes the battery for my servers. Sorry guys, I'll boot you back up soon. :(

In other news, I haven't been watching the news cause I have no power. I'm trying to get information on my phone now. Last night it was nice to unwind at ishikawa's place though. Just a little stress involved in this whole situation.

7:10 am
Shoot, the power went out 20 min before I woke up, which means I don't have internet, and can't remotely shut our servers down. Ugh.

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