Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tohoku Quake - Day 10

12:00 pm JST (10:00 pm CST)
Shinkansen!! Man the bullet train is fast. This is my first time riding shinkansen btw, and it's pretty awesome. Takes me only 50 min to get from Nagoya to Osaka, which I believe took almost 3 hours when I went via normal train 3 years ago. I'm not even on the fastest one either.

Alright, some good news, I heard radiation levels in fukushima have gone back to normal levels, but haven't read an article on it yet though. Sounds promising though. :D

Ok, gotta search for a hotel while I have some free time,here.

10:00 am JST (8:00 pm CST)
Time to check out and head off to Osaka.

8:50 am JST (6:50 pm CST)
Morning. The news is saying they've been remotely pumping water all night, pumping some 2400 tons of water over 12 or 14 hours onto reactor 3. Also, reactors 1 and 2 have power restored. This is good to hear.

Also, here's a little bit of perspective on radiation levels for reference.

Ok, time for breakfast.


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