Monday, March 28, 2011

Tohoku Quake - Day 18

Update: Word of mouth says a tsunami didn't actually come after all, and the advisory has been called off. That's good.

At 7:30 this morning, Miyagi was hit with another large M6.5 aftershock, with the epicenter appearing to be pretty close to the original quake more than a couple weeks ago. Most of the prefecture seems to have been hit with intensity 4 shaking, nothing particularly strange from whats been going on over the last couple weeks, but one city in particular was hit with a weak intensity 5.

This is the largest we've had in awhile, and apparently it has generated up to estimated 50cm tsunami for the immediate area. I've not seen the tsunami warning graphic on TV since the days following the original quake. Fortunately it appears to be just a tsunami watch rather than a warning, and actually the graphic just disappeared right now. So I probably would have missed it if I hadn't turned on the TV, especially since it didn't really even make it out this way.

Anyways, we're still getting aftershocks.

Edit: Graphic came back. I guess the tsunami watch for the Sendai area is still on for awhile.


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