Monday, April 11, 2011

One Month Later, One More Quake

Today marks exactly one month since the magnitude 9.0 earthquake rocked the eastern coast of Japan, literally shifting the geography of Japan and the ocean floor. In fact, the earthquake a month ago was so massive, it wielded such a tremendous energy yield which actually caused the axis of the earth to tilt by 6.5 inches, shortening our days by 1.26 microseconds. And what better way to celebrate with another M7 aftershock! (sarcasm)

We just experienced an M7.1 earthquake that hit on land right between Ibaragi and Fukushima around 5:20 pm (3:20 am CST). Naturally, Ibaragi and Fukushima appear to have gotten the worst of it, with weak intensity 6. Out here in Kanagawa we only felt around an intensity 3 or 4, which is still a pretty good rocking though. This also appears to be producing tsunami in the Ibaragi area up to 1 meter.

Including the M7.4 that hit us last week Thursday, this makes the 5th M7 aftershock to hit since the main quake, totaling to well over 400 quakes in a one month period.

Update: One interesting thing about the quake yesterday, is that we at work pretty much just carried on with business as usual, straight through the quake. Even though it was shaking for a good 30 seconds, everyone continued to type away on their computers, and make phone calls to customers. I guess after almost 500 aftershocks you tend to adjust to the situation.

Hey it's shaking. Are we in danger? Nope. Ok, back to work.


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