Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jim "Paul Bunyan" Thome

I ran across this the other day. It must be shared.

Once again, Minnesota Twins commercials at their best. I suppose they're funny because it's mostly inside jokes and puns on different player characteristics, but they're always really good, every single year.

For those not as familiar with the Twins and who Jim Thome is, well, he is a beast. Currently Thome is in 8th overall for most career home runs with 591, which means he's in line to hit 600 this year. Now 40 years old, his long career in the majors, mostly in the AL Central, also has him holding the record for most home runs against a number of teams, including the Twins and the Royals I believe.

Basically, this guy is quite the power hitter, fitting for a comparison between Paul Bunyan (which is also part of the Minnesota joke). Also note at the end of the commercial he points his bat toward the clubhouse saying, "Right down there." This is the exact pose he takes every time he gets to the plate. Yea, once again a Twins commercial managed to have me rolling.

By the way, here's two of my favorite Thome moments since he joined the Twins last year.

Thome hitting triples.

Unfortunately they won't let me embed these (I'm working on it). But look at him go! Whooosh!

Also, hooray for baseball season!!! :D


Blogger ruth said...

You and Grandpa would have had a great conversation about this. It's great that you have a love for some of the same things that Grandpa did. It's like a part of him is still here. He sure did love his Twins.
Aunt Ruth

5/01/2011 3:45 AM  

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