Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday: Church... and then a Party, cool

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Just thought I'd write a quick somethin to make sure I at least keep on a regular posting schedule in attempts to prevent any long periods of silence >_<

So lately I've had lots of time on my hands. Lots. Surprisingly I've for the most part, completely given up on watching anime. I'll catch something on TV every now and then (which... I really need to get one in my room btw), but I'm not really following any series like I used to. Feels... weird. Didn't exactly expect that to happen when I actually come TO Japan. Maybe its just that I'm able to get my Japan 'exposure' or w/e on a more real life daily basis rather than anime. Or perhaps I've just come to be more familiar with Japan on a more 'real' sense than animated. W/e the reasons, its interesting.

I'm sure I'll find somethin to get re-obsessed eventually though. I did watch all of Venture Bros thats out so far in the past few days. Man that show is funny. It's in English though, which... is also kind of weird.

Wait... I was in America watching Japanese anime alot, and then came to Japan and have been watching English... I wonder if that means something...

Anyways, I'm attempting to fall asleep before 3 tonite, as I'm getting up around 7:45 to make it to church by 9:30 out in Iidabashi. 9:30 is nice, yes, but thats when you live 10 min from church and you can leave at quarter till and still be early. I'm shooting for 8:30, 8:45 at the latest to be out the door. 10 min walk + 20 min train ride (+5 min possible wait for train) + 10 min walk when I get to Iidabashi. Yea, we've got it good in the states. A lot of people here commute over an hour. I have some friends that live in Chiba, the next prefecture, that have a 90+ min commute... thats insane.

Oh oh, one thing about the trains, well if you haven't noticed, I've finally gotten around to uploading videos (woo!) that I've been taking. And I've noticed that more than a few times I have videos of the trains coming/going/etc in attempts to show how busy/long/what the station's like. Well these trains are long. Like, really long. Like seriously really long. If you stand by the middle car, you can't see the ends. They just stretch out in both directions. Trains vary their length depending on what line you're on, but it seems that most commuter trains have 11 cars. I haven't seen any more, and since the Yamanote (one of the busiest) only has 11, I'm assuming thats the max. 11 may not seem like that much? Well each car is huge. They all have 4 doors on each side. The Yamanote line even has a special rush hour car, or "cattle wagon" that has 6 doors on each side, with collapsible seats that fold up providing standing only. I've never actually ridden the Yamanote in the morning, I'll have to ask a friend of mine if they really fold up.

Anyways, they're huge, and its ridiculous, and I know I'm gonna get pissed off every single time I have to wait for another connector when people stop getting on the bus cause they think its, 'too full'


But good news! I'm getting out of the house tomorrow! Haha, well for one I'm going to church, which I'll have to write about that sometime. Its very interesting going to a church with an 'international' point of view. When anyone who speaks English is usually a friend, you find a more unique bond and friendliness with these people. Anyways, tomorrow's actually really busy, aside from getting up in the *gasp* morning, I'm also being *gasp* sociable at night, haha. I'll have already left in the morning for Iidabashi, so I'm gonna try and stay out during the day so that I wont have to go home (no commuter pass = no unlimited rides (´Д⊂) Some friends of mine are having a going away party or somethin. They graduated, and are going off to work in Spain? I think? Somethin like that. I've only known them since New Years, but I have more of a taste for Japanese culture than a booming socializing night life. Well actually both of course, but more than the usual foreign exchange student, I'm looking for more cultural experiences I can get here than I won't be able to find anywhere when I get back to the states.

Actually a friend of theirs, which I guess I'm now friends with, seems her mom teaches calligraphy. And I've been invited to come by whenever if I'm interested. Sweet.

Other than that, looks like I'll be continuing with this manga translation job, which is pretty sweet as well. Just need to some how make myself... work more... grr


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