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Edited the timesnap on this, i did write this on the wee hours of the morning on the 8th, but i've been busy and havent bothered posting what i wrote on here, but from today on (the 9th) i've got the internet in my room, which means much easier to post blogs and such, hopefully this weekend i'll have sometime to catch up on our Ikebukuro Sunshine 60 adventure yesterday before too much more sweet stuff happens, anyways, thanks for readin this, enjoy

Ok, I might be a bit of a bad person for this, I’m pretty sure this just made my day, and I’ve gotta write about it before I forget, cause I’m definitely forget some details by morning. So heres what just happened…

**Pretext: This is just something that happened in the area, not actually here in Azalea, don’t wanna freak anyone out (like my parents) midway explaining this, haha**

Got back from school, bought some dinner and paid my electric bill at the convenience store, got home, ate my dinner in the lounge, Davy, Christina, and Adam were drinking in the lounge, Matt was chillin outside chain smoking, ya know, typical night, lol. Around 10 o’clock I decided I should prolly retire to my room, shower, study some, and go to bed. So I take a shower, and after I’m done I hear sirens outside. Now not just your usual sirens, lots of em, and they didn’t disappear. But you hear em all the time anyways, so it was nothing special, I figured, meh, whatever, theres some emergency somewhere, nothing special.

Then I hear a lot of noise outside, from people running up and down the stairs, talking kind of loudly. Still I figure, ahh w/e, they’re prolly drunk, or someone else just got back or whatever. But then I hear (and it was definitely Adam who said it), “Dude, theres a fire!” Which of course lead to my immediately dropping everything I was doing, throwing some clothes on, and running outside to see whats up. Now I live on the 2nd floor here in Azalea, and from the stairs off in the distance you could definitely see a faint glow. In other words, there really is a fire, and better yet, it’s close. Of course we gotta go check it out.

So its around midnight, and we venture off in the direction of the fire. This might be a lil twisted but, it was interesting, and we were excited as we hurried off into the night. I’d never actually seen a fire before so, oh wait… yea there was that one time someone’s garage or w/e burned down in our neighborhood, but I don’t really remember it very well, maybe I’ve got pictures of that somewhere in my computer, I’m sure I would have taken pictures…

Anyways, so this fire was a good 15 min walk or so away, but it of course didn’t feel like that. It was kinda tough to not get lost too, since we were pretty much just walking in the direction of the fire, not really with anything in relation to a map or whatever, just, towards the fire. You can always use Life (the local super/dept/everything store) as a home base so to say since you can pretty much see it from anywhere in Heiwadai.

But eventually we did make it to the fire, and it was kind of surprising how many people were there. Granted most of them were probably everyone in that neighborhood who were out of their houses watching, but there were a bunch of people on bikes that came to check out whats going on. It was really nice though, us being tall gaijin, cause we could really go anywhere we want, what with our very low and inconspicuous low profile, heh

The fire was, however… not really much of anything. Well I’m sure it was, but it seemed they had it mostly under control by then, so there really wasn’t a whole lot to see. Plus they don’t want you to get close anyways, so theres really not a whole lot you can do. The atmosphere were pretty crazy though, espc since the streets are so narrow, a fire truck takes up most of the room, then add in a bunch of people, firefighters, and their equipment and hoses all over the place. Crazy, but sweet. Definitely worth it. I only managed to catch a glimpse of the building that was burning, and all you could see was a glow from the upper floor and a lot of water being sprayed all over. I smell like campfire though now

On the way back, we ran into a little playground that had an elephant slide and such. Well we had Adam slide down that, after which Christina spots the swing set, and cannot help but go swing. This then leads to lots of loud talking and being kind of obnoxious which was probably fine since the fire was pretty noisy, what with all the sirens and all, but I just get nervous cause I really don’t wanna further any negative sentiment towards foreigners.

Anyways, left Christina and Davy to have fun swinging while Adam and I went home. But on the way, we definitely ran into this small shrine on the side of the road. It was pictch black, but still super amazing. Its like…Japan is sooo much older than America, so any of that old significance stuff is just way cooler than anything in America, lol Took some pictures, and headed the rest of the way home.

It was def really interesting though, made life here in boonies Heiwadai just a bit more exciting


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