Saturday, October 28, 2006

Speech Contest?! ugh

**not sure whats wrong with this post, but it doesnt seem to want to put it on my blog**

ok, on my way to a halloween party in Roppongi in a min here, but i wanted to just say a lil somethin somethin so it doesnt pile up again, lol

So, our school festival is coming up next week, and it looks like i'm gonna be participating in this speech contest. i have to make a 5 min speech (in Japanese) and just... speech... it... at the school festival, lol. all my Japanese friends kept telling me i have to do it since supposedly i speak Japanese well so... i'm doing it. I'm not really worried about the speaking part, just the... fact that i still havent finished writing it, lol. I figure i'll do it on Minnesota since thats the 2nd coolest thing after Japan, lol. Anyways, i've got a week to finish that up and practice it, so i really gotta get back to work on that after all my shinanigans this week.

Actually i should have time to work on it cause with next week being the school festival, of course we dont have school, duh, just on monday, and then the rest of the week off. I love Japan. Course i'll be going to the festival for the days we have it, at least one or 2, but i might be going to some others as well, not sure, but what i'd really like to do is go somewhere cool. I could go somehwere local like Odaiba or Yoyogi park or somethin, or the Imperial Park in Shinjuku, tha'd be cool. It'd be even sweeter to go to like, Kamakura again, or Yokohama or Enoshima. Hey i should visit Mia, maybe i'll send her an email, let her know i have the week out. Actually i havent met up with Shu yet either, i wonder if he has any spare time...

well anyways, gotta get goin, we're meeting at Roppongi station exit 4b at 9, now the question is should i take Yuurakuchou to Yotsuya, or just JR from Ikebukuro, hmm...

oh yea, and theres this "Yamanote line Halloween Train" that supposedly goin on tonight, i'd love to check it out, it sounds like it some legend, hahaha


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