Thursday, November 02, 2006

ソフィア際! Sophia Festival

Well, this week is the Sophia School Festival, so naturally we have off school, booyah, seriously, Japanese people just love to have holidays, i love this place, anyways, as i've mentioned prior, it appears as though i'm gonna be in a speech contest, I signed up for it, well... i dont know if you could call it signed up, it kinda turned into... well, i'm doin it, and if i win i can go to Onsen, so thats cool but whatever, basically, right now i dont care about it, cause as soon as i start to care, i'm gonna get nervous, and its all over, lol

anyways, check out my speech, entitled... The Northstar State, hahaha, its... about Minnesota, perhaps the 2nd coolest place after Japan, lol

So Halloween was pretty fun, went to a friends party in the evening, they rented out a whole restaurant, so it was pretty fun. 2500 yen for supposedly tabehoudai, but apparently not. We got there a little late so, i guess most of the food was already out and eaten... oh well, it was a private party and there were lots of ppl there i hadnt met (and if my memory serves me right, most of them were girls i think, haha, w00t), after that i went over to a friends house in harajuku for a few hours, had alot of fun. Didnt go to the club or wherever they went afterwards cause i had to get home and finish writing my speech, heh, oh well, it was fun.

Didnt dress up as anything unfortunately thoug-i mean, i was a model, psh, duh, cant you tell? lol, anyways the next day i met up with a friend in Ikebukuro and she helped correct my speech, I was able to write out everything, but its usually full of small mistakes, haha, anyways, not that difficult to fix, just takes time sometimes

Oh, after that, since we were at Sunshine City (its like... this mall complex or w/e in Ikebukuro), my friend showed me this crazy like... game ameusment park or w/e called Namco Namja Town, this place was, just... crazy, i'll be goin back again for sure, and i'll definately take lots of pictures, actually some friends of mine went there today (i couldnt cause of a speech contest rehearsal) and i'm sure there were lots of pictures taken, i'll link them sometime later, so stay tuned ^^

whaddya know, of course wikipedia has a page on it

well my battery is low, and i gotta get some sleep anyways, so i'll write a lil on the results of the speech contest tomorrow... or the day after, apparently its tradition to nomikai and be out all night after the speech contest... meh, if its tradition, guess i'll just have to tag along...


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