Monday, November 20, 2006

Midterm Maddness

excuse me while i die taking midterms

yes yes, the ever popular, always exciting, lovely midterms. This week i've got... 4? Of which, 3 are for Japanese. But thats good, cause those are alot easier since i get to practice Japanese every day and i actually learn the subject in class. Unfortunately i cant say quite the same thing for my Japanese history class, and i'm not sure what i'm gonna be able to do about that. I'm kinda disappointed tho, cause i really am interested in Japanese, its actually quite fascinating. I love the country, plus it'd be really sweet to learn some history behind all these amazing yet super old buildings. Learning about Samurai is cool too of course. Unfortunately however, class... makes me pass out in 20 min.

Now we have 2 teachers for this class, one Japanese, and another English. The Japanese teacher definately knows her English, no question, she has been learning and speaking english for quite some time. However... she's not fluent, and her pronounciation is... well not always perfect. Which makes for some interesting times in class (ie: korear, moodar, coup de'tar, rerigion, lol!!) Then the native english speaking teacher is of course easy to understand, however... well both of their presentation style is... oh man i just cant take it. Its soooo booooring! I want to learn the material, but its impossible for it to be interesting listening to those 90 min lectures. So what have i done? if you havent noticed yet, i've taken pictures of the notes for class, that way myself and my friends can copy them later. As for during class... umm... sudoku... japanese homework... email friends... nintendo DS... sleep... that kinda stuff, heh

I have managed to catch up with the reading for the class (thats a first for any class actually) in the last couple weeks, so the midterm... might be ok, but theres just 2 tests for this class, so i gotta do well or i'm in trouble. But the rest of my friends are all in the same situation, plus Japanese schools are linient on the grading, as well as the grading scale, so i'll manage. I always do.

Anyhow, I'll be uploading more pictures later, maybe tonight if i get a chance, gotta force myself to study so i can do this comfortably instead of by the skin of my pants like usual, lol. But for a quick recap of what i've been up to for the past week... what did i do last week... i'll have to look at my pictures, i should really write down in my lil planner thing where i've been going each day. Its usually just Yotsuya, but sometimes i'll go somewhere else for fun quick, ie: Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, etc

Umm... last week i stopped by some random shrine in Ichigaya with a friend walking home, friday i went out to Shinjuku with some friends for a nomikai, and then saturday was a super long day in Nippori and eventually Ueno. Saturday rocked. Goin out and having fun with friends is cool, but one of my bigger goals in being here is to see alot of the sights in Tokyo ya know. I came all the way here, theres no way i'm leaving without seeing all the cool cultural hot spots. Plus they make for the most amazing pictures.

Well about time i get back to be productive, or... something like that


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