Thursday, November 16, 2006

Two Words: Dead Tired

Oh man, its been like a week since i've done anything on my blog or flickr. Now i did finally get the internet in my room, which is really nice, since i now have the luxury of my own privacy for like, internet calls back home. However, its also the devil. Seriously, although i've gotta say Whose Line clips on YouTube are about the funniest things ive ever seen... i hate how they keep me up till midnight or 1 before i even start my homework, ahh!! anyways, apologies on wasting time online rather than doing something productive like i could be... like this, however its kinda late, and i've gotta test tomorra, so i'll keep this short

So today, a day like any other day, gotta say tho, as each day goes by, i'm liking the idea more and more of how i'm 'used' to living in Tokyo, thats so crazy, who woulda ever thought that would actually happen, haha, anyways, after school as usual i went over to the school a friend of mine that lives here in Azalea goes to, Gakushuin. you remember that nomikai i mentioned last week which prompted a big post about drinking and alcohol in Japan (btw i've learned even more stuff about that since). Well i'd been invited to go play soccer with them some time. Now i go to Sophia, not Gakushuin, but its totally cool since its a circle. Clubs are more hardcore practice every day and have matches and stuff. Circles are just goof off have fun recreational stuff, so its really not that big of a deal that i'm not a student there... although i gotta say it was pretty funny doing stuff with a Gakushuin circle when i'm not even a student there >_<

Anyways, lots of fun, except i about died. I'm so out of shape, oh man. And i knew this, it was of no surprise to me, but its also been about 4 or 5 years or so since i've played much of any soccer. Not necessarily embarrassing, but i didnt really amount to a whole lot. Actually i did have one sweet play where i (somehow) set someone up for the coolest bicycle kick evar, woo. Buuut... i also got hit in the face with the ball, that wasnt as sweet. See, we were goin for a headbutt, idk how it happened, but i guess it... bounced off the other guys head (i'm alot taller remember) and hit the right side of my face, more so my cheek. Now remember i'm really out of shape, as well prolly not getting enough sleep, and i've kinda had an off and on cold from the gigantic change in moving to Japan. In other words, working out gave me a descent headache. As long as i didnt like... shake my head or anything it was fine ya know, but when that ball hit my face... the back of my head exploded. Oh man, that hurt so bad. Went out later for my friends birthday and had a few drinks, but it was soccer that i have a headache from, not the alcohol, lol

So yea, had to leave a little early cause today was a friends birthday, but its really nice to get to know people at another school. I've got a like, real social network now, lol Oh, gonna be going to Mia's school's school festival in a couple weeks (Keio), so maybe i'll expand my social network even more, woo

so my friends birthday party, Ikebukuro. Gakushuin is in Mejiro, which is the next stop south on the Yamanote-sen from Ikebukuro, so we walked (my friend and I) from soccer to the restaurant clear on the other side of Ikebukuro, lol. Gotta say it was rough, but i kinda feel a bit of a drive to keep up with soccer or some other kind of sport and get in better shape. Although i can't imagine what i would look like if i were in shape, as far as getting even thinner. I've actually already been told supposedly i look a thinner than some pictures i have from back in the states. I can imagine why i would be, but i seriously didnt think i *could* get any thinner... apparently i can. Maybe its my face that looks thinner... idk, oh i also havent cut my hair since coming here, so its super long, but i keep getting complimented on it looking better long. I dont get it but... saves me a ton of money not going to a hair salon, they're so expensive here, yeesh

well i should get some sleep, once again another Japanese test tomorrow. This class is definitely the level and speed that i wanted, just the one downfall is that i'm mostly remembering all the material (vocab and kanji primarily) short term, forgetting all the stuff within a week after cramming for the test just before i take it, lol... yea, tomorra morning will prolly be more of the same, meh


Anonymous jamie said...

Hey Kris-
Sounds like you're having a good time :) Did you get anything from the tsunami over there? Hope not... anyway, I'll talk to you soon :)

11/16/2006 6:00 AM  

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