Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Break in the Action

Ok, my painfully hard learn Japanese History class just let out, and before i get craking on learning more Kanji and studying for that class, i need a quick break. Actually i didnt really pay any attention this time, well thats not really much different from usual, but this time i actually did a whole bunch of studying kanji. We've gotta know 200 or so for the test tomorrow, so i've still got a painful amount to go through. Granted these are all kanji we've done for class already but... well as is the case for my classes in the past, you get into a rhythm where everything is just repetitive, just changing words and kanji. So eventually you just cram what you need to know in yur head the day before (or 10 min before as it more often tends to happen) and then soon forget it right after you finish the test/quiz. Actually i can still read about 90% of all the kanji we've gone over so far, so thats a start. But recognizing and writing them is a different story. Oh well, i'll make somethin work out, I always do.

As for this History class, oy vey. Its not just me either, cause theres other people in the class, native english speakers included, that tell me they just cant focus at all. I've never had a professor thats just too boring to pay attention to. I hope neither of them read this, but i'm sorry, i mean no offense, but no one can pay attention to you for more than 20 min without passing out. The room always gets super warm too, which never helps, ugh. Thats why i dont wanna go to the library, everyone tells me its really warm in there. I'm gonna end up sleeping instead of studying. Although the computer labs get rather warm alot as well, which i dont understand even more. Well its obvious why they get warm, but when theres 8 air conditioners in the ceiling, it should never have to get that warm. Especially since its a computer lab, it needs to say cool, grr, why do u think i'm always like computer labs, lol.

Speaking of that, i've come to realize i must really have Minnesota blood runnin through me, cause i swear i'm short sleeved in places where other people are wearing coats. Like seriously, its getting down into the 50's outside, maybe a lil cooler at night, i've finally closed the window in my room, but i've still not turned on my heater. Yet other people have theirs on practically all day. I suppose it does get a lil chilly in the morning, but i'm always walking home carrying my coat instead of wearing it, kinda starting to get annoying. Even yesterday it was raining, and definately quite chilly in the morning, but come evening, still raining, yet i walked home short sleeved. I don't get it, haha.

As well when i went to Nippori, amoung other places, i've got a coat, but its not that cold out, yet my friends are just freezing. I'd lend em my coat, cause its only like, 57 out or somethin, which is easy long sleeve weather, yet my friends cant believe that i would be fine with that and refuse my coat, lol. so I made em take my gloves instead ^^ But that isnt quite as bad as class gets sometimes. I'll get to class after riding the trains (dont get me started on that), so i've already taken my coat off, and eventually end up short sleeves. Yet there are other people in my class wearing coats, scarfs, hats, gloves, it just makes me scared to think of how they could manage visiting Minnesota in January. Its all these people from California or the southern parts of the states, they just have no idea what real cold weather is all about. Hense they prefer having the heater on in class, ugh

The trains (particularly the subway) are of course the worst, and its only gonna get worse, pretty sure i mentioned this before. But you got yur coat cause it is startin to get chilly out, but its like 80 inside the train since theres a couple hundred people in each car (well.. at least a hundred, wouldnt be surprised if it got up to 3 or 4 per car). Anyways, get gets warm, fast, and then whomever is runnin the dang thing doesnt seem to think that we might need airconditioning. Oh theres AC in the train, it just doesnt get turned on all the time, and that drives me crazy. I can understand since, well at least the Seibu-Ikebukuro line comes from Nerima, from which it goes underground, so initially it is in fact above ground. But geeze, shouldnt there at least be a fail safe, ie: if it hits 85 degrees, TURN ON AUTOMATICALLY! lol. People are telling me the next step is to turn on the heaters in the train, which, if you havent noticed, they dont need T_T

I'm interested to see if the situation gets reversed in the summer. Aka: i'm dying and other ppl are just fine. I guess its entirely possible, although i've lived in Florida before, plus it gets pretty darn hot in Minneapolis as well. Anyways, now that thats outta my system, i think i should get back to some more Kanji Madness. Oh, but dont worry, i still love this place to death

Ah, almost forgot, maybe i should write a lil somethin about what happened yesterday, a good friend of mine Sasaki came out here yesterday for lunch, and eventually dinner. Sasaki was one of our TAs for my summer Japanese class a year and a half ago, and he finally came back to Japan after 3 years in the US. Supposedly he drove through all 48 states in the past 3 years. Dont ask me how, but he said he did 80,000 miles worth of driving O_o Anyways, hes livin in Ibaraki right now (next to Tokyo), and its really nice to see someone i've known for more than 2 months, as well i got to show him around campus, or... introduce him to a bunch of my friends, good times.

Ok, studying for real this time, eventually i'll get around to uploading more pictures too, just... not this week i dont think


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