Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Scantilating Manga

Well, as of Monday I've officially got a job translating manga. Horray! I'm getting descent pay, but all things considered, it's a really great job considering the fact that I have no real translating experience outside of my Japanese class and chatting with friends. So now what... I'm gonna have to go do something to celebrate, woo! Actually I really wanna buy a DS, more for studying my kanji than playing games.

So, now that I'm getting payed, I need somewhere to put this money right? Well a good friend of mine, Matthew (he's actually leaving at the end of this month, tear...) has an account at a bank called Shinsei Ginko (literally translates to Rebirth Bank, but I think Shinsei is more intended as a name than a word... w/e) Whats nice about this place is that your not required to have a 'hanko' which is basically the stamp version of your signature that Japanese people use in a lot of official documents. Well obviously I don't have one, being a foreigner and all (although I can go get one at Tokyu Hands if I want, I might do that before I leave, should make for a good souvenir). I think that non-hanko requirement at Shinsei actually gets them alot more foreigner customers but... w/e.

Turns out, theres a Shinsei Ginko office in Ikebukuro, which just happens to be whre I had to stop on my way home from Shinagawa, where I went for the manga thing. So... I went and made a bank account, haha. The best thing, it was really easy too. Took me no more than 15, 20 min. And I actually couldn't quite remember the name for "bank account" when I got there, but I didn't even have to say it. I was just like, "Excuse me, yes, I'd like to make a new..." and they're like, "Oh, ok, can I see an ID?" Then I picked a color (Deep Ocean Blue ^_^) for my card, filled out my information, got my card and was out the door, piece of cake.

I now have a bank account in Japan.

For some reason it feels like that should be something quite amazing, although it was a bit too simple to do. Anyways, I think its cool.

Also, since I was in Ikebukuro, I stopped around some used book stores in my search of piano music for Japanese popular music. And I was successful!!! I even found one particular artist that I've been dying to get my hands on: Chihiro Onitsuka. What a voice. She's honestly got some of the most beautiful Japanese music I've ever heard. I specifically was looking for her piano sheet music cause she's always got the most gorgeous piano accompaniment with most of her songs. I was actually able to find a book of piano music for one of her albums, woo! Anyways, I can pretty much get anything I want at any big book store, sure, but those are expensive. Unless its something I really really want, I'll just hit up alot of the used book stores around Tokyo (theres alot, especially in Jinbocho).

Other than that, just been keepin busy. I'm in the middle of my break, so I've got alot of time on my hands. I know I'm gonna regret sittin around in my room after I get back to the states but... oh well. I'm working at home too, so it's not all that bad.

I have uploaded alot more pictures, and I'm working on uploading videos to my youtube account as we speak! Check em out!

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Anonymous Jamie said...

Hey Kris
Glad to see you're back blogging :) I missed reading them. I'm glad things are going well with your "female species" lol. Congrats on getting a job too; that's pretty cool. Hope you're having a fun time; sounds like you're staying busy :)

3/09/2007 2:19 AM  

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