Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hi... Ok, bye

Appears it has been requested of me for more frequent shorter posts, so I'm gonna try my best at this. I should really turn this into a daily/every other day habit.

Anyways, so my girlfriend came back from Australia finally the other day after a whole month (つд・), and... yes, it did top everything else from my best day ever. And did it by a long shot ^_^ Aaand then she left for Kyushu this afternoon. Kind of a "Hey! Good to see ya again!! ...Alright, see ya in a couple days. Love ya bye" Haha, well she'll be back Thursday afternoon though, so 2 days is honestly nothing compared to 40... or however long she was in Brisbane.

Well with my girlfriend coming home, suddenly... I have things to do again! Hooray! Haha, met up with Sasaki (TA from 2nd year Japanese over the summer) the other day, had some coffee, and then came back to Kana's place since her luggage was being delivered (got to eat real non-my cooking!!). Seems her luggage didn't quite make it on her plane and was forgotten in Brisbane or something. Unfortunately though, when she gets a call in the morning about her luggage, turns out it got damaged on the way here for whatever reason. They'll fix it for her, but I guess she's supposed to pay for the shipping on it. Apparently though, if we just get mad at them enough, they'll pay for everything, haha.

But yes, girlfriend = things to do -> very happy, lol. Just yesterday evening we went to the Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) at Yasukuni Jinja which is pretty close to her house. That was cool. The atmosphere at Matsuri is always so much fun. That made for... the 2nd matsuri i've been to? I went to the Yuki Matsuri (snow) in Sapporo up in Hokkaido, and now the Sakura Matsuri here in Tokyo. Interesting to see the differences between the festivals. The yuki matsuri in Sapporo was huge, like... REALLY huge, but there wasn't nearly as much food in Sapporo as there is here in Tokyo, haha. Although the snow one up in Hokkaido was more of a display of snow statues, etc, where as sakura, ie: hanami, is more drinking and eating while watching. They've gotta make a killing at matsuri though, cause most everything was around 500 yen but... I guess thats the same for any state fair or sporting event we have in the states though.

But yes, TONS of food stands. I took a really interesting video I'm gonna edit a bit and upload to YouTube sometime soon. A quick rundown of walking by all the food stands. And by quick I mean I walked fairly fast and still took me 5 min to walk past em all, which turns out to... not be all of them. I missed a whole bunch but I only had 10 min total on the camera and I still wanted room left for pictures, haha.

Other than that though, my big news for today... got a huge load of goodies from the states!!! ^_^ Some friends of ours from school came out to Tokyo here for I'm assuming their vacation, so my parents sent a few goodies with them from the states, stuff I just can't get here. Like... wonderbread, GOOD popcorn, Vanilla wafers, GOOD cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats and Captain Crunch), Twinkies, Honey Buns, chocolate, milk dud eggs, and other various candy (for Easter yay ^_^), Bushes Baked Beans and Ranch Dressing! Halleluiah!!!.

Oh, and 6 lbs of cheese. Yes.

They also sent along another pair of my shoes from the states since size 13's here, or 31 cm, just... don't exist here, haha. As well they also sent along some deodorant. Believe it or not, but I guess Asians just don't... sweat or smell as bad... or something. Regardless they don't sell deodorant at any stores. You've gotta get lucky at an import place or something. Although very recently they started selling Axe body spray here, which blew me away. Also kinda disappointing, cause here I thought the stuff I brought with me was super rare over here and everything, haha. Well at least I've been using it since way before you could get it. So thats pretty cool I guess, haha, whatever

Well I've got my DS now, and my lil flash thing for downloading and playing games is on the way shortly, woo! Until then, I think I'm gonna borrow a bunch of games from my friend who has too many and finally break in my DS. In other words, looks like I've just gotta go ^_^

Pictures and video coming later


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