Saturday, April 24, 2010

Woo yea! Go Twins!

Twins Win! Twins Win!

I'm really liking these Friday evening games. A 7 pm central start on a Friday evening in the US is a 9am start over here in Japan. I've got an subscription, so I even get to watch it live. Plus using the picture in picture type view, I'm able to load up the radio broadcast in the small screen with the TV broadcast in the larger screen. Perfect.

Anyways, I've been here for a week and a half, and just finished my first full week. So far things are going pretty well. I'm finding the company culture is a rather interesting fusion of American and Japanese cultures. Actually to make things even more interesting, the company culture in the US is more open and transparent than most companies, or at least thats what I hear. I don't exactly have a whole lot of other jobs to compare with, but I wanna say its not exactly common for the CEO to have an open door office on the same floor/area as sales and customer service.

So you've got a very open US culture fusing with the more conservative Japanese culture. In other words, the American side of me is saying, "meh, customers rarely come to our plant, jeans and a t-shirt all the way. AMERICA!!!" But the Japanese side of me is saying, "What are you crazy?! This is Japan! Black suit, white shirt, tie. Every day. Also expressions and any emotions are prohibited on the trains." I think I'm falling right in the middle though, with the jeans and a blazer. You know, this:

Anyways, I've been to a couple interesting eateries so far - Ramen Kenkyujo (Ramen Research Institute), a Kaiten Zushi (conveyor belt sushi), Coco Curry (delicious!), and one of the floor workers restaurant down the street. I really need to start taking some more pictures! The only problem is that my camera is somewhat large to carry around for casual shots. I need to get a nice pocket size camera. Kana's got a *really* nice one that somehow takes AMAZING night shots even freehand. My phone does take some descent pictures though.

I'll leave you with this - a Porsche and Khing-san. Check out the license plate on the Porsche :)

Also no, that's not Khing-san *in* a Porsche, but we'll just pretend it is. Ignore the steering wheel!


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